Hair disaster

*** eta a pic of the foolishness that is my hair ***

That’s what I’m calling it right now…
I got my hair colored….
before I left the shop I told her I wasn’t feeling it, it was too bright…
got home looked at Ian’s expression, he didn’t like it…
looked in MY mirror and I don’t like it….
immediately wrapped my hair, so I wouldn’t see it when I passed the mirrors…
cried a little in the shower…
will be wearing a hat to work tomorrow…
going let Ian lick it until I feel better…


  1. Ooh boo boo! :o(
    I am sure it is not as bad as you think, BUT I know how you feel when you are just not feeling something.

    What color were you going for and have? Red??

  2. I feel for you gurl. You should ask her to adjust the color.

    Don’t cry!

    I am not even going to start on your comment about Ian’s way of consoling you. You perv!

  3. lmao!

    See…I can’t even feel sorry for you, given that last statement.

    and if that’s not what you meant…my bad, lol.

    I had my hair colored a few years back, it actually straightened my hair out, it was a mess…I cut that stuff off and started over…but I always cut my hair off and start over.

  4. you nasty…. but i hear you… i just never would have said it like that!!!

    i think you hair looks fine. but i’m a color freak. i will come out with platinum blonde hair or crayon red in a minute!!!

  5. @carmell girl aint much some good oral wont cure!

    You’re lighter than i am so you can get away with the colors waaaay better than me.
    *** your email keeps bouncing back email me ***

  6. LMAO @ those last couple of sentences!!

    Wouldn’t recommend your dying it again so soon but hair rinses are always an option.

    I was wondering the same thing virtuos was…

    What color were you hoping for?

  7. I know this feeling all too well. Honestly though, I don’t think it looks that bad.

    It’s always the ones who get the perfect remedies for bad hair days that complain the most.

  8. I’m so sorry. I can’t tell you that I know how you feel because I have been locing my hair for over 15 years partly because I didn’t want to fight those battles anymore! All I can say is that Clairol is still in business and it can be taken care of.

  9. i think it’s cute…but then i ain’t lickin’ NUTHIN’ to make u feel bettah! LOL! Good to see ya over at The Chats, Sis!

  10. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it – in fact, I think it’s hella cute! The last time my sister highlighted my hair (she’s a hair stylist) – I thought it turned out a bit too bright. My husband said it looked alright, but I didn’t trust him. LOL I begged my sister to please tone it down and she put a rinse over it – it turned out really pretty. Maybe you could have her or even you can do it, put a rinse over it to tone it down if you think it’s too bright. Fa real tho, just looking at the pic it really looks nice. And ooh, you nasty. LOL Well, not really. LMAO

  11. I love the new hair color… but sorry to hear you don’t like it. Like the others said the hair stylist can darken it.

  12. hey mami, new to the spot, take it from a person who has colored their hair like fifty million times that it will darken up in time.

    i always feel that way when i get it done, just know it will start looking better in a little bit!!


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