It’s My Birthday!!!

I am 28 years old today!!

I had a hard time coming up with a post for today. Last year i explained WHY i celebrate as much as I do for my birthday.
So this year I’m going to share 28 things about me… some you may know…others you will be news to you!

1. I am my dad’s only child.
2. I am my mother’s oldest child.
3. I have 2 sisters, 2 neices, 1 nephew
4. I have always been a brainiac. Graduated #5 out of 132 in my high school class
5. I used to play clarinet.
6. Was a majorette… captain for jr and senior year
7. I have been friends w/ my oldest gf’s since 8th grade yr.
8. I dont have any god-children
9. I have never smoked.. always had an affinity for the likka lol
10. I was stabbed in a fight, was THISCLOSE to losing my left eye.
11. I am a techy freak. I LOVE gadgets and gismos.
12. I have had a miscarriage within the past year.
13. From the back is my absolute favorite sexual position
14. I STILL don’t know how to cook for just two people
15. don’t like eating leftovers.
16. faviorite dessert: key lime pie
17. shoe size 8.5
18. I like to bowl b/c i like to talk shit
19. batterys abt to die… 5 drinks in… and still coming for free.. yall go out have fun in honor of my birthday…

Love yall and thanks!!!!

*** If you’re in the Houston area feel free to come hang out w/ me for happy hour at Americus***


  1. I am gonna let you slide off the other 9 since it is you had some drinks and it is your birthday and all! LOL

    I wish you many many blessed more Pattycake!! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday girlfriend! I hope you have all the fun you can muster in one day!

    Love your list! I hope you finish it once your battery is charged!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful,(SOBER), safe, late nite hav’n,screaming good day…did I say sober…LOL
    Happy Birthday girl, I wish you many many more!!

  4. HAPPY BIRFDAY!!! I wish I was in Houston, I would so be there!! Your list is…um…yeah, I cosign on alot of it.


  5. Yay! I wear an 8.5 too…go ahead and send me some shoes, you ol’ nerd, lol.
    Have a happy happy happy wonderfully blessed birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Patrice! Sounds like you’re celebrating wonderfully!

    Very interesting facts about you. A brainiac, eh? Can you do my math for me next semester? LOL No, I’m serious.

    Stabbed in the eye? Damn, I’m hoping you tagged that azz good before you got stuck.

    We have the same shoe size, lets shoe swap. LOL I bet you have some cute ones.

    Have big, big fun, gurlie!

  7. Happy Birthday, Patrice!! My Cancer sista!
    I saw you on Twitter yesterday. After seeing all that drinking I was getting dizzy myself! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    p.s. I didn’t need to know #13.

  8. Adrienne says its your BIRTHDAY and that we should all come over and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Boy, I love to SHOUT!!!, LOL!

  9. Happy Birthday.. and thanks for sharing your 19.. good for you for not smoking..scary shit w/ the stabbing and now I can’t stop thinking about sex.

  10. I totally didn’t read this yesterday & missed it! Happy Happy Birthday, Belated Now!!!!!!!

    Thinking of you,


  11. I am back again and happy birthday…thanks for visiting, but when Adrienne says it is someone´s BD…you don’t ask whom, you know what to do! Please have a drink for me and by all means continue to celebrate the entire weekend! Gina

  12. hey i tried to tell your behind Happy BD but it was disabled when i tried. Now I have to be #37, im going to sit in the corner and pout 🙁

    j/j Happy BD mami, and i hope that you had a blast!!!!!!

  13. Happy Belated birthday

    Girl sorry about the miscarriage my girlfriend is going through that, you may want to check out her blog

    28 was a good year…girl live it up to your 30th, thats where I am and it is the new 20…LOL

  14. Hey Hun…Happy Belated Birthday. I’ll take this as you are a cancer? Please say yes! I hope you enjoyed!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your special day was a great one. I loved reading about you. Would you be mad if I stole the idea for my bday in October?
    Wendy in Texas

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