tales from the food stamp office (the fight)

So yesterday I mentioned I walked up on the tail-end of a fight. Well here’s what happened. One of my coworkers (we’ll call her T) was in the back with her client. Apparently she discovered the client was working and as a result the clients’ benefits were reduced to $10/mo. Well the client got pissed and told her to close the cases then started going OFF cussing T out. T finishes the closing all the cases, per the clients request all the while the client is still talking shyt.

So once everything was over, T and starts escorting the client out of the interview room. They joined up at the end of the aisle, but instead of walking side by side or following T out of the interview room. The client walks up to her and bumps her. Now T can’t be any taller than 5′ even and the client is this big burly bytch! So the bump makes T stumble. So T pushes her back. By this time, they are both yelling and screaming like banshees. You bet not push me! You pushed me 1st! Call security! Bitch this! Bitch that!

Top flight brings his ass out there and separates them. T is about to cry and is telling the ladies in reception to call her supervisor. The client is standing there chilling with a smug look on her face b/c she has just PUNKED a grown ass woman.

They filed incident reports (T and the client), the client is sent on her way and T is left in the lobby defending her actions.

Can I just say one thing?

LET a client (male or female) touch me in an aggressive manner… Please know that my gut reaction will be to KNOCK THEM DA FUK OUT! I promise it will take the whole Top Flight fleet to get me off their ass. Some of these clients come in here thinking they can do and say what they want, but I pray they never look at the skirt and heels and think I’m a punk. I didn’t survive New Orleans and the Lower 9th Ward by being a punk.


  1. Yeah…big burly bitch was askin’ to get her @ss beat.

    Damn shame T didn’t deliver…

    I agree that it should have been her first instinct to straight mollywhop that chick!!

    Hmpff…she must not have heard “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”!!

  2. It’s never a dull moment!

    Poor thing! I feel for the case worker.

    As for the client I hope they cut her benefits off completely!

  3. Girl: you are taking all this stuff too seriously… need another vacation….and I am doing a little snoopy dance cause I don't have to mess w/that anymore.
    (you gotta email me & let me know who it was!)


  4. Stuff like that only happens at my job on my day off. I think God knows that if I am around, “At Home Toni” will start cursing and punching! My co-workers only know “At Work Toni”.
    Maybe God does that for you, too. Makes sure that you won’t be in the position to maybe lose your job for knocking a big burly bitch out!

  5. We are definitely think’n alike. I’ve been there and let me tell you before I left a former employer he would jokingly call me the teapot lady – thats how I rolled when homegirl tapped me on the forehead with her I kindly bust her upside the head with a teapot.

  6. I heard that. 9th ward ain’t no punk. I don’t blame T though. You ain’t gonna come up in here and act a fool just because you a client and I ain’t gonna touch you.

  7. This is why I need to have 3 months salary saved up, because it would have went DOWN. See I would have cut her off a LONG time ago, when she first started talking smack. She let it esculate too damn far. Ugh. Big Burly know she needs that damn $10 that is why she was acting out.

  8. Top Fight Security. LOL. I just finished watching Friday After Next. ” They need sucurity in the world Craig! Getting jacked by santa claus and shit”. My bad, got lost for a min. Love that movie. lol

  9. you should write a book, a screen play or somethin’! that place is non-stop drama. I think it would make for good TV. What a reality show that would be.

  10. Cryin hell! She could have saved that for the house or the ride home. lol I would have grabbed a stapler or something! Shiiiiiiiiiiit. I ain’t the one. You may get one good lick in but honey I guarantee it WILL be the last.

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