Just a couple sound bites

— i’m walking down the aisle being indecisive abt what snacks i want, when i hear “If I had a rock i’ll bust you in the head bytch” Now Bernie Mack said that in Transformers, Ian said it b/c he knew i’d hear his ass. My abs were TIGHT laughing at his ass!

— We’re driving and ian says “pantene creek” and points to a road sign. Well I didnt see the sign and decided to be a smart ass and say ” Oh! you know thats where they get the water for Pantene Pro-V.. you know the shampoo”. He looks at me and says ” CANTEEN creek not Pantene” LOL oops—


  1. you and Ian are so cute!!!

    yall are made for each other mami, happy that you found that special one!!!

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