1. @ ar gal… lol see I’m not the only crazy person 🙂

    @ Keli you already have an idea of the madness that goes on in this camp! lol

    @ she needs I had to give him a formal intro 🙂
    and thanx @ blog design. Had to shake things up a bit.

  2. Two times the fun huh?!?!?! LOL

    I don’t think Ian’s blogspot likes me very much…
    [Called myself leaving a single comment and the ish showed up about 4 or 5 times]

    I love the new layout by the way…

    Oh and it’s ABOUT TIME I was added to your blogroll missy!!!

  3. @Ms Behaving I’m just glad yall will get to see it’s NOT just me. lol I’m the sane one 🙂 And updating my blog roll and layout has been on my To Do list for FOREVER, finally got it done 🙂

  4. @urbanknitrix Thanx chic

    @Carmell lol whatchu trying to say? :p Just remember I’m the sane one

    @eb the celeb Yes that’s him 🙂 And yea it’s pretty funny because my BFF and as recently as last week her Mom knows about his lil crush. lol

  5. You two should have your own show! You know I have told you that before. But its true! You guys crack me up!

    I can’t wait to see what he has for us to read. Should be entertaining!

  6. @ Cas you’re the only one who’s seen us in action so shhhh! lol

    @capcity lol @ couple that blogs together… well see how this plays out

    @argal Thx chic!

    @ del yea i suppose it is cute.. for now :p

    @ cici Thanx!

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