quick update

My head has been hurting since Thursday.
Went to the doctor Friday. Of course everything comes up normal (hate when that happens)
Been taking my meds.
Been popping tylenol like they are candy.
Been having sex (what? heard it gets rid of headaches)
Been drinking cokes and water
The only relief I get is when my eyes are closed.

I’ve taken up stalking my doctor’s office

well that’s all for now..
maybe on my next post i’ll have pics to show you what i’ve been working on for a friend


  1. Yay! @ pics

    Boo! @ having to stalk the dr’s office.

    Well, at least you can have some fun trying to get rid of the headache.

  2. Awwww, I hate to hear this. Try a hot bath with some 3 drops of peppermint oil and 3 drops of lavender. My special blend.

  3. see if you can get a prescription for Relpax….works for my migraines….and take some tylenol PM…..envious of the sex part….I will have a boyfriend/husband one day!!!!

  4. Damn @ your having a headache since Thurs!!

    That my friend is one day TOO long!!

    Have you had your blood pressure checked??
    Are you under any kind of stress??

    [Check me da hell out LOL] I done graduated from Ms. Behaving to MD!!

    Nah for real though…. I hope you get to the bottom of what’s going on and of course, that you feel better FAST!! 🙂

  5. Lawd I don’t come by for a couple of days and you done rearranged the furniture!! ;op I likes!

    Hope your migraine dissipates soon!!!

    (I bet I hd a ton of spelling errors and I don’t care! It is late! HAHA)

  6. Sex is a helluva drug, man. Get yours! And I figured it was something that that Doc gave you, the bastards. Probably trying to make their Tee time.

    Might as well stalk ’em, you paying them.

  7. sounds like a migraine to me.. Hot bath is good and get your hubby to rub your feet. If that don’t work, go for the Repax.. it will knock it out for sure.

  8. are you tired

    are you pregnant

    are you stressed

    are you worried

    mami you really need to see what it is

    keep us posted okay and hope you feel better

    and i emailed you also

  9. Since Thursday…wow!

    I hate to be gross but ummm you might be constipated.(What? Blame my mama, lol) When my head hurts daily like that, I always know it’s time to clean that system out.

  10. It’s like taking your car in to the shop when you know something’s wrong but they say everything is fine. I hate when they tell me “It’s just what happens when you get older.” I’m 37 for goodness sake! Hope you get well soon.

  11. take some Excedrin. sex only helps for a minute… soon as you are done the joker come back!

    hope you feel better

  12. @yazmar Thanks chic 😉

    @keli lol @ having fun. yea it is kinda fun

    @nikkij that sounds so freaking relaxing

    @deltapurl i think i have it under control now.. thanx for the suggestions

    @Ms. Behaving How much do I owe you for your medical assessment? LOL You actually pretty good 😉

    @Cas Thank you chic! I’m better about it now.

    @Virtuous LOL glad you like it 🙂

    @Roddykat Sex is a quite the drug. i’m not trying to shake it.

  13. @cici hmm thinking I could just get him to do it anyway.. *hehehe*

    @Dreamy a little tired, not pregnant, a little stressed, a little worried. we might have found a solution. It’s not as intense today.

    @argal ummm nope not constipated. My bowels move after every meal LOL @ your mom though

    @Heather OMG you are soo on the money with the car/mechanic. That’s JUST how it is..

    @Carmell Too bad I can’t just have sex all day everyday lol :p

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