Tales from the Food Stamp Office

So I’m interviewing my client, he said something and I smiled.
clt: you have a pretty smile
me: thank you (and smile again..what? It’s a habit)
clt: your beautiful teeth makes me miss having mine
me: awww (trying HARD not to stare into his mouth)
clt: I guess that ring is a wedding ring
me: Yep sure is (giggling to myself)
clt: that’s too bad… guess you wont give me you number huh?
me: (smile and shake my head no)

Anyway we wrap up the interview and I hand him a card and I’m telling him to call me with any changes so we can keep his case current blah blah blah. I ask if he has any questions.

clt: So I can only use this number for business
me: ummm pretty much
clt: well do you have another number I can call you at
me: ummm NOPE! (then I burst into laughter.. I couldn’t hold it)

Here are a few things I learned about my *hope he could hit it* client.
he lives in a rehab ctr
he had his teeth removed b/c of drug use
he is a schitzo phrenic ( i know it’s spelled wrong)
he receives SSI
he has not worked EVER

umm yea Ian if you’re reading this… You have NOTHING to worry about! LOL


  1. All those strikes against him and dude was still try’na lay the mack down?!?!?!

    [Well…at least he’s got his self confidence!!] *LMAO*

  2. You sexy thang you! LOL! Got that man all hot and bothered! Cut out all that sexiness with the clients! It’s unprofessional! LMAO!

  3. girl you just be encountering some people over there

    and why do people always want to try and holla at you even when they see a wedding ring

    yeah Ian I dont think you have anything to worry about, lmao

  4. @southern gal None whatsoever!

    blog friends please excuse Adrienne, she lost her mind for a minute LOL

    @ms.behaving He was delusional!!!

    @argal lol @ tragic!

  5. @Toni you better leave me alone. I don’t do yuckmouth…EVER

    @Cas hush… before i give mr.unfortunate your number lol

    @deltapurl.. chic i was damn near there!

    @dreamy everyday it’s some new foolishness.

    @orfanized noise… no one has clients like mine lol

  6. Girl, now you know you could have cured all that by giving him a motel voucher and moving his name up on the section 8 list. LOL! You crazy!

  7. Girl you up there smiling taking in all that flattery when I would’ve been flat out disgusted! LMAO Call me vain if you want! LOL

  8. i know my blog is supposed to be private but its acting retarded and it wont let me read some of my favorite post.

    so its open now….

    update me on the blogroll, the name is thedreamyones.blogspot

  9. OMG! I have missed reading your blog and could have used this laugh this week!

    But…was he serious? I…mean…really!

  10. Wow…bold of him to think he could get wit you while he’s trying to get his food stamps…I guess some have no shame.

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