* 3 more books for school, to get the used is hovering close to $400.
* oil change and tune up
* Fabric for the 3 jackets/coats I plan to make for this fall/winter
* Boots for the winter (2 casual, 2 dressy, 2 trudging through snow and ice)
* Garbage disposal (Ian broke ours)
* New cell phone
* trip with hubby sans cell phone and internet access

* xm radio
* keyless entry
* 80gb ipod
* hardwood floors throughout house
* to add a bathroom onto our bedroom
* MacBook PRO
* 50″ plasma with hi-def
* new furniture for the whole home


*a child thats the perfect blend of me & Ian
* successful dental practice for Ian once he finishes school
* all my family to do well finincialy, spritually, and emotionally
* physical bookstore for me.


  1. I remember when I stopped by college (LOL), and was STUNNED @ how expensive books are. As I remember the price of the Biology and Math books were insane. That wa sin ’91 so I can imagine how expensive they are now.

    That 50″ plasma and Mac PRO sounds nice.

  2. I hope God grants u all the desires of ur heart mami!

    And God is gonna bless u with that perfect child of u and Ian

    Thanks for sharing hon!

  3. Wow I need to comment more often, I love the new design. Don’t tell me it’s been up forever… 😉

    Hey did you check half.com for textbooks? We bought and sold ALL of j’s books on there. They’re way way way more affordable, plus you can usually resell them for almost what you paid.

    Here’s to hoping all your wishes come true. 🙂

  4. @ Adrienne, My Dash has more features than the BB. I want more bells and whistles!

    @Don lmao at “stopped by college” you say that like its a drivethru! lol *drools* at mention of MacPro and 50″

    @Dreamy From your lip(fingers) to God’s ears.

    @Alison… girl it’s been like this for MONTHS! heheheh ok just kidding. you’ve only missed a week 🙂

    @Cas Thank you Lady!

  5. At least you have it broken out by priority..VERY unselfish of you. I hope you can get it all 🙂

  6. That quite a list. I’d say start with the needs and the small stuff. I also need an oil change. May the most that you wish for be the least that you get! 😀

  7. Great list!

    Write it out, make it plain!!
    AND IT IS SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gurl how about my garbage disposal is broken too! Ugh!

    Okay..now I feel special that you personally e-mail me your response! ;o) Haha!

  8. awww this was cute!!! i need an oil change too! i remember buying school books. they haven’t changed much in price. i was sick when i had to pay for mine. we had people sharing books! Hope God gives you the desires of your heart. i think everyone should make a list like this!

  9. @Keli & ARGAL… I could do so many things with that $$ lol

    @Cici… I LOVE that… @ may the most be the least!!! Thx 🙂

    @Deltapurl… school starts SOON! don't wait to late.

    @Stacey…Yes! You are very special! Love ya chic!

    @Carmell… Feel free to make your own.

  10. You know what? A lil’ birdie told me that your needs will be fulfilled, your wants granted and your desires attained.

    How are u doing, ma?

  11. (*SIGH*) I remember the school book run. Not cool.

    What, no Kindle? They have textbooks on it. Keyless entry? Unless you are speaking of a car, it can happen. Don’t know if it’s very expensive.

    Would you settle for a 27′ TV and two pair of Coke bottle glasses? LCD’s are cheaper anyway.

    New Celly? I’ve got a place you can scope them out. Can’t help with the moolah, though. 🙁

    I pray that the botched Bank robbery
    send the money to your doorstep and nobody sees it…What, it can happen.

    Oh, wait. Booo, Macbook Pro!

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