Not quite what I expected…

walked into work see a case sitting on my desk…

Skimmed it to find out i need to reject the medical application bc they aren’t permanently disabled…

Got nosy and decided to find out what their diagnosis was ad found this….

* HIV + since 2001
* bacterial vaginosis
* gerds (whatever dahell THAT is)
* Herpes Simplex II
* Obesity
* vaginal candiditsis

I remember this lady… You would NEVER know… I’m saying NEVER.

yall my friends… So please be careful!!


  1. thats what i keep telling my sister. it is too many diseases out here and niggas can hide that shit just like anyone one else! you NEVER know! but does she listen?? nope. i guess its gonna have to take her getting something serious from one of these knuckle heads for to open her eyes. just NASTY!

  2. I agree with you. I am quick to tell someone looks can be deceiving. You never know who or what has/had something.

  3. You said it…must be careful…one reason why as a single woman I do not take sex lightly…not one bit.
    We must take care of ourselves…protect ourselves…because you never know.

  4. I agree. you can not tell by looking at someone and ladies just because you wait three months and call yourself being exclusive does not wipe out anything he or she might have. I had someone tell me before you can tell by looking. So 1980’s.

  5. I had to look it up. GERDS is like some severe kind of heartburn. It’s probably causing her some permanent damage. How do these people get treatment if they can’t get free medical insurance?

  6. You know not only single women have to worry about catching diseases. It’s a shame for sure. She does have lots of issues but she can definitely work.

    I’m very careful. That’s why I have BOB!

  7. Wow, that’s very sad and scary. You just never know about a person. I have to wonder in this day and time, why people still do not heed the warnings?! I agree, please be careful.

  8. Add depression too because if she’s truthful no one in their right mind is trying to mess with her. Although I’m curious why she would list a yeast infection and vaginal discharge as something to prove permanent disability. *shrugs*

  9. @carm… I feel you@ sister. You know mine are wildin’ out!
    @sheneeds.. Looks are VERY deceptive!
    @urbanknitrix lol @ So 1980s.. but you spea da truff
    @Nikkij if they are denied by us, their only alternative are community based organizations. Most have sliding fees.
    @cas with all the cheating..shiiid no one can ever be 100% sure unless they are ONLY loving themselves.
    @Tiltedhalo you know we like to think ‘re invincible
    @ freakydeaky Theres NO way she is… she has a child younger than her diagnoses
    @dreamy Please protect SCB lol
    @Eb Yup!
    @Miss B Hey girlie! where ya been?! Thx @ layout and

  10. You never do know that’s why folks should be wrap it up before you flip it, rub it down..oh nooooooo!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist my New Edition impersonation. lol

    *note to self, must google gerds*

  11. Straight up scccccccccccccccary!!!!

    Question: Is it a requirement for an applicant to list information like that??

  12. Y’know I now wait to read your blog at home…I’m gonna lose my day job reading you at work!

    *sigh* Am I the only mother who constantly reminds her daughters about the nastiness in the world!?!

  13. DAYYYYMMMNNN! That lady got some serious issues. Just reading that made me realize the little issues I face in my life are MINOR! Love your blog. I’ll have to link it to mine.

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