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If someone says to you “let’s have a quickie” and you hear the opening AND closing theme music for an hour long t.v. series…. That’s not a quickie

I’m ready for the weekend NOW!

I’d like to go play paintball. I need to find out what days/times the place is open.

I’m like 80% done with a knit blanket for my friends baby. Still need to do booties and hats. The shower is 8/30 in New Orleans. So I need to be DONE by the 25th to ship it to her.

I have a dentist appointment on the 14th… gotta keep the pearly whites, pearly and white 🙂

There was a naked bike run here last weekend to protest the US’s dependence on other countries for oil. Not sure how riding a bike naked helps drive home the point… anywho we heard on the radio that they would be arresting people who were totally nude. So we didn’t go.

I have a friend that used to Swing with her fiancee.

I am not feeling like WORK today… just don’t even want to be here.

My next sewing project will be a knit dress.

I wonder if they allow the contestants on Big Brother to bring vibrators? Or if they supply them with condoms? I mean I know there is some serious fuking going on.

I could strangle Suede from Project Runway. That whole talking in the 3rd person is so annoying.

ok… going read a book, hopefully YOUR day is moving along swiftly… since mine is dragging ass.


  1. I love Project Runway. I’m glad the hometown local won the challenge last night. Have you ever thought about trying out?

  2. I agree about the fake ass quickie!! Activists. I work with them and they will get naked for any damn reason. Dont understand. Paintball – a big no ma’am. My husband has been trying to get me to do it for years and I swear he will use it as an opportunity to get back at me. I will be crying and divorced. Swinging – I know someone who is doing it big time and her husband do not know. I know another who husband is in jail because the wife went back for the lady. I know… girl we can email about the rest.

  3. All I saw in that post was quickie and Big Brother. My day is dragging along, but I don’t care since I took the day off

  4. I couldn’t agree more n work, today had been a horrible day. It hard sitting here and fighting the sleep.

  5. yeah…Suede annoys me too

    I think they would have to provide condoms, I mean really?

    Worked sucked for me today.

    Saw the naked protest think on tv, it was funny to me.

  6. You are too funny! Really you are!

    Sueded cracks me up on Project Runway. Who is your favorite. I think its hard this season for me.

  7. gurl i heard about that naked bike ride. i was like what do the 2 have to do with each other? so i chalked it up to some freaks wanting to go for a bike ride half nakked!!!

    who do you think if sleeping with who on Big Brother???

    whats a quickie??? i’d be luck if i get it at all.. *sticks tongue out @ u*

  8. @adrienne I’m reading The Ex Files by Victoria Christopher Murray

    @Virtuous lol you always have like those huh?

    @TOASG As much as I would like to do a PR. My skill level is not there YET

    @urbanknitrix Glad to know I’m not the only one falling for the “fake ass quickies”

    @sew what lol don’t be scurred.

    @Organized Noise Well at I know how to get your attention lol

    @sheneeds We only have one day left… we can make it

    @Delta Purl We hope they are providing condoms! lol leave BB10 with a STD

    @Cas I like Korto Toni and the yt chic that made the purple dress with the poof on the side

    @Ian I got yo muh phuka lol Try to pull another fake ass quickie ya bastid lol

    @carm I think Ollie and April are fuking FOR SURE.
    And not we’ve never discussed swinging. Not trying to invite no one into our bed.

  9. that means since you are coming down we are gonna get to meet you huh

    u gotta come see Ash and I please,lol

    and umhhh a naked run, doesnt make any sense to me but i would have been out there watching,lol

    and you know they are screwing on Big Brother,lol

    A knit dress, hmmmmmm mami, i dont know…….lol

  10. @ Dreamy not that kinda knit dress. lol

    I want to come home really not sure when though. Bayou classic would be nice

  11. It's not a fake quickie if it was intended to be quick… or you eyeball the clock. 🙂

    I say cut dude some slack & take the "compliment" of a not quickie quickie. 🙂

    Swingin'? Where's Mint Condition? Anyway, not sure I could do it. Wifey definitely not down. I go back & forth on this one….

    Ummm, yea.

  12. Oooo weee you playin paintball?
    what are the girls gon hide behind?

    I heard you talk in the 3rd person like suede

  13. lmao@the quickie. some folk an an hour IS a quickie. what is the time limit for a quickie anyway?

    do you have photos of finished projects? i’m always looking to check out the work of other creative spirits! i knit and crochet, but unfortunately, i rarely finish. i’m determined to change that, though.

  14. @Roddykat said whateva @ compliment, he needs to NOT ask for a quickie if that’s not what he means. I couldn’t indulge in the swinging lifestyle. I’m too possessive

    @ dejanae lol @ interesting.

    @ eclectik I plan to use the girls to distract them. I will win! whoo hoo. ok not really, but i’m sure we’ll be

    @ Keli Nope yesterday WAS long@ TGIF

    @ nikki “what is the time limit for a quickie anyway?” Anything less than 30mins. That’s good for me. lol

    “do you have photos of finished projects?” I actually don’t have too many finished projects. I get SERIOUS add and never finish stuff. I will post a pic though of my progress.

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