For a blogger who needs a friend right now…

I’m writing this post to encourage a blogger who feels that LIFE SUCKS and that REGARDLESS of what happens things WILL get better.

~~when i say that I don’t say that b/c someone told me, or bc is SOUNDS like the “right” thing to say. I say things will get better b.c they will!

I am a firm believer that God can and WILL make things better for you. Even when it’s YOUR fault that things are going to hell in a hand basket.

Don’t believe me? well i’mma share a few things with YOU, since you won’t respond to my emails.

~ I was 6 y/o when I became primary babysitter for my sister, so my mom could work. This included leaving kindergarten going to the daycare center picking up my sister, calling a cab, and then going home to feed/change a baby until my mom got home from work. She’s still alive.

~ from 6-11 I watched my step-father beat the living shit our of my mom. And when he wasn’t beating her he beat me for practice. i guess.

~ I was probably 8 or 9, the FIRST time i was molested by a relative.

~ I was maybe 11 when I walked in on my step-father raping a woman in my bed.

~ I was 11 when I was shipped off to live with my other set of grandparents b/c of what i’d seen. I didn’t come back to new orleans until after he was murdered. I was 12

~ I witnessed my a murder when I was 16… witnessed a suicide the same year.

~ I drank ALL the time when I was 16 /17 Mad Dog 20/20 Wild Irish Rose.

I think it’s safe to say that NOBODY BUT GOD carried me through childhood. Right? I escaped after I graduated high school did the college thing for a semester. Came back after a semester b/c my sisters where wildin’ out and my momma couldn’t control them. (I mean, if I was the one who raised them, what did she think). Married Ian.

~ fuked up my credit. say it with me FREE is NOT ALWAYS GOOD lol

~ I was fired from my job, within two WEEKS Ian lost his.

~ hubby had some issues with keeping a job… whew he has changed SOOOO much

~ had both cars repo’d

~ was evicted from our apt

~ filed bankruptcy

~ moved in with my mom and damn near got arrested for beating the shyt out of my sister, who happened to be pregnant at the time.

~ The whole Katrina thing

~ rocky times in the Johnson household. I can laugh now but ummm we went 3 WHOLE months without speaking to each other.

I’m putting myself out here (not that I care what people say/think/feel about me).
I’m doing it because IN SPITE of all that. I’m genuinely happy. I’m not bitter. I not sad or depressed.
It’s not because i’ve been such a good person. Or because I deserved it. Or because someone felt sorry for me and took me under their wing and made it better.

It was and has been the GRACE & MERCY of God that has kept me sane, happy, and healthy.

I may have moments of depression and thrown Pity Parties that would rival ANY Diddy Labor Day bash! lol

But after the party was over… I’d say a prayer and got myself UP and OUT and did something! Be it working a job that had my feet black and blue at the end of the night to humbling myself and asking for HELP.

I am an overcomer. Period

YOU can be an overcomer too. I’m no better than you.

So I hope YOU read this and FEEL where I’m coming from. There’s not much I haven’t experienced 1st hand.

Life should not suck. YOUR situations can suck, people can suck, finances can suck, your past can suck. but life DOES NOT suck.

It’s up to you to choose how you want to live your life.

So go head have you a good ole cry, leave the pills and likka ALONE!!! And go out and LIVE!!!

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