Carry Oak E

We went to celebrate my friends birthday at this bar that has karoake. I did get up the nerve to sing…BUT by the time I got up to sing, the batteries on my camera had died. Well you know that really doesnt stop anything… so it was still captured on video. BUT it’s trapped in my phone.
One day i’ll get it off and share. πŸ™‚
So enjoy these pics.

I call these my “sistahood” pants. I swear their magic! lol

Me and the b-day girl, She also my hair stylist

She’s almost as silly as I am… almost

why he can’t smile

do I look like I know what I’m doing? lol

She does

not right here though lol

smh I got somewhere for him to put his tongue

I forgot what I was doing.. what ever it was it was silly.

He don’t know what he doing


  1. lol@”i got somewhere for him to stick that tongue”.

    it looks like you folk had a great time shooting pool. who won?

  2. Lol @ Carry Oak E… too funny

    Glad you had a ball, but ummm Missy… get that darn video off that phone and onto you blog…lol

  3. Looks as if you all had tons of fun.
    My moms owns a karoke jukebox and when all the family get together we get on that thing on act a clown, even the kids get involved.

  4. Looks like fun…

    and No…you did not look like you knew what you were doing…but you looked cute doing it, lol.

  5. Too much fun for one person I think!

    You are a nut with your “tongue” remark! Geez! What am I going to do with you!

  6. Pool..and signing..that is a fun time. Those pants look awesome..did you make those too? If not what brand are they..I love the way then hang.

  7. @urbanknitrix I got the video out…check tomorrow.
    @nikki… it’s the truth πŸ˜‰
    @sheila it’ll be up manana πŸ™‚
    @Adrienne you know how we do :p lol
    @lovely Thx chic!
    @she needs I would love to have one at the house!
    @keli being cute is ALL that matters lol
    @cas… i gotta keep you on your toes lol
    @mpsecondjournal They are Ralph Lauren… been having them for 3yrs they are THE BEST!
    @EricaB lol girl gotta have the skinty pants!

  8. Fun pics. I’m sure they ain’t got nothing on the video though! [LOL]

    Hope you decide to share it with us [one day SOON].

  9. ohhhh mami, look at you in them jeans, you look fierce….

    you know where i can find some like those, cause i need some like for real,lol….

    and umhhh tell Ian he need to smile and stop acting retarded,lol


    and i love your stylist hair!!!

  10. Were you at T-Billy’s on Page and 170? One of these days we are going to run into each other. Looks like y’all had fun.

    Sisterhood pants. I bet they are magic. Brothers appear out of no where when you wear them, right?

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