1. Go head on now…you have good stage presence…I can tell you were enjoying yourself…that’s what Carry Oak E is all about.


    Don’t quit the day job, lol…well not unless its because you are opening up your bookstore/boutique.

  2. mami, i so wish that i was there with you

    we would have had a blast,lol!!!

    and tell Ian to stop all that laughing

    what was he saying anyway,lol

    was it break it down or soemthing!!

  3. You did great girl!!
    [Or at least you did on the parts I could actually make out] LOL

    You’ve definitely got more heart than me! 🙂

  4. You did look like you were having fun…ready to do it again??

    Did you say you couldnt breathe??? I heard you singing and then it sounded like that….if you couldnt breathe, you still did the damn thing..

  5. @urbanknitrix… Yes that is ian in the background dying laughing AT me lol

    @nikki… all you need is some liquid coverage… JoseCuervo, Anyone? lol

    @Keli… i don’t know whatchu talking bout… I can SANG! LOL

    @Adrienne I had fun…it was my 1st time.

    @SheNeeds… I did! 🙂

    @Southern Girl… whatEVA! lol

    @Dreamy… Ian was saying “SANG RETHA” lol it’s an inside joke. It would be nice if we were closer 🙂

    @sheila Thanks 🙂 I had a good time

    @MsBehaving… Gurl I had more drinks than you lol

    @Ian Shuddup! LOL

    @My Life… yep I sure did say I couldn’t breathe!! lol I was DONE! I am ready to do it again!! lol It was fun 🙂

  6. that was good.. looks like you are warming up for American Idol.. Whos is laughing so hard in the background.. ??Your cameraman?? Tell him next time hold the camera still.

  7. Girl, you were rocking! I enjoyed your little performance. That looked liked so much fun. Good job, Patrice!

  8. LOL..alright P. Boogie!
    Ok I meant what I said about hanging out. I love doing stuff like that. It would be SO much fun. I need to start planning my trip out that way LMBO.

  9. Okay I need for you to break it down a little bit better than that! LOL

    Luv that L.Hill song….too bad she don’t crank them out like that anymore :o(

  10. We’re in some of the same groups on Raverly sarted reading your blog because of some of the headings, you are halarious, had to add you to my friends list.

  11. Girl look at you doing your thang!!!!

    That was so cute and I love the comments in the background. So cute!!!!

    I got up the nerve to do that once, needless to say I was SUPER drunk. Although I had a blast I don’t know if I’d be doing that again anytime in the near OR distant future with my tone deaf self. Lmao.

  12. You’re braver than me. I would never subject that many people to my attempts at singing and I would NEVER allow it to be recorded. Those who didn’t die from my voice would die by hand. LOL

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