Road Trip Banter


1st things 1st.. I’m OFF bytches!!!
okay now that that’s out the way… lol

How’s your day going?

Ian and I are about an hour outside of Louisville, KY. Anybody reading this from the Louisville area?
Anywhoo, we’re going take care of a few things and shoot the shit with my daddy.

Why does Ian think every car thats pulled over on the side of the road, the occupants are having sex?

Why have i been riding the last 3hrs in my panties? LOL (Ian said it was okay… I love him)

What is YOUR definition of a freak? LOL (I really wanna know.)

Whats your favorite music to Ride to? (we started w/ wayne, danity kane, B.G, and now we’re listening to Cannibus. Ians driving you dont want to know what i had to do to get danity kane in the disc player)

When was your last road trip? where did you go?

Why is traffic down to ONE lane?

Kentucky/indiana have a gorgeous roadside…

Why are we listening to Menuendo?

Antywhoo; Hope you’re having a great day!!


  1. I’m not going to ask what you had to do to listen to Danity Kane. Yall keep that to yourselves.

    I like listening to music that will keep me woke especially if I’m driving.

  2. lmao at you, yeah i could just imagine what u had to do to get some Danity Kane in the cd player

    and riding for 3 hrs in panties, boy I bet Ian is having a field day,lol

    and my definition of Freak, is someone willing to do any and everything!!! That Freak would be me,lol

    have a safe trip, and try to stay out of trouble ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. UHHH..about Danity Kane, I take “Rather not Know” for $100 Alex

    Last road trip was April 2007 to Foley, AL

    Freak: person willing to do any damn thing

    Fav music to ride to: Anything

    Safe travels!!!

  4. lmao @ listening to Menuedo!

    I can already guess what you did to get Danity Kane in the disc changer…not like you need a reason to go there…

    Oh, your father lives in Louisville? Don’t know why I thought he was in Shreveport.

    Have fun, and don’t get arrested in yo draws.

  5. Girl you’re a mess.

    My definition of a freak…. Hmm this is a easy one…It’s someone riding around in the car in their panties. LMAO. Just kidding. I’m surprised you and Ian aren’t pulled over on the side of the road. And why would that be freaking HILARIOUS if yall got pulled over by the police with you in panties. LMAO.

    I wanna go on a road trip, just me and the Hubby. We are so over due for some type of, any type of trip together.

    Hope you guys have an enjoyable and safe trip.

  6. Danity Kane?!? Whatever you had to do to get them in rotation, Ian more than deserved it. In fact, give him some extra!

  7. Girl, you are crazy…riding down the highway in your undies. You wild! LOL You travel more than anybody I know. Drive safe.

    Danity Kane?! Yuck, I cannot get down with them.

    A freak is someone who is down for whatever, and pretty much nothing is off limits.

  8. You must be on your laptop.. Freak: someone riding on the highway with only panties on. ROFL. I like listening music, then when I get tired I listen to Podcast.Have you see the podcast man and wife..pretty funny stuff. http://www.manandwife.tv/

  9. LMAO….we know what you had to do to listen to Danity Kane….I have always wanted to try that to…..

    I am about to call you just to see what I can interrupt ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. riding down the highway in your drawls…. FREAK!!!! i’m not a freak… sometimes i wish i was… so i really don’t know what a freak consist of.

    who is Danity Kane??? do i have to goole them??

    have a safe trip!

  11. You know, I was a little slow on the uptake, but I got it now. 3 hours, huh? It would have been freaky for real had you gone without them. Riding in panties is not so much freaky. And why not people on the side of the road having sex. That’s what it’s there for right? I can pretty much guess what you had to do. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    A freak is someone sexually free. Sometimes, a little too free, but free nonetheless. You gotta love ’em. They usually come out at night, but that’s not always true.

    What I ride to is dependent on who’s with me and/or my mood. Normally, I listen to podcasts but on road trips, I could be all over the place if alone. No DK though.

    Aand ummm, Why were you listening to Menuedo?

  12. You are a mess!! Frankie Beverly & Maze is the best. Then we get a little crazy and start listening to rap..then everyone has to create their own rap…YEA!! I hope you do have on panties…and not going comando..Patty. Have a continued safe trip chic!!

  13. Well I’d like to know what you did in order to listen to Danity Kane. What?! I need to know if what I’d make someone do to listen to it is overboard or within market forces. LOL

    By riding in your panties do you mean riding with them on or riding with just the panties on? Just wanted some clarification for the image.

    The music I listen to while I drive depends on my mood. If I’m feeling aggressive or sleepy than I have to listen to rap, preferably something hard, gangsta, and from the 90s. If I’m trying to relax then something that would put me in a chill mood. If I had an aux jack I’d just hook up my Zune, put it on shuffle, and call it a day.

    I want to go on a roadtrip. I’ve never really been on one. However gas prices as they are I’ll just wait. I may actually go on my first one in December. We’ll see.

    Freak? I don’t know what that is. :o|

  14. What was that song out? Um, t-shirt and your or my panties on…. I forgot who sang that song, but your ass took it literally!! Freak – hell whatever you want it to be. Look in the book my name might just be there (right beside yours and a few others on here I see).

    Where is the Biggie and Fugees! I listen to everything, you have to stay awake and going to Georgia from D.C. um yeah – Hardcore Rap to. It’s fiddy, and then some.

  15. Hahahaha! Why you in yo panty-draws ridin in da car?!? Never mind. Don’t know if I wanna know.

    I tend to listen to sports talk radio when I’m on a road trip. Yeah, I know.

    Ian and I must think alike because if I see a car on the side of the road and folks in it the car, I think they be gettin down with the freaky-deaky, too.

    Definition of a freak…I don’t think it can be defined. It covers way too much territory.

    Good one girl. I’ll holla.

  16. My freak definition is (insert photo of Patrice here). LMAO!

    You are too crazy rollin with yo panties on gurl! Too crazy! No wonder Ian thinks everyone aside the road is having sex! Geez!

    Does business trip road trips count? I was on the road from San Antonio to Bellville to Victoria to Port Lavaca to Houston to Humble Texas. How does that sound?

    I usually don’t listen to music. I enjoy books on tape. If I did listen to music it would be jazz or something.

  17. Too funny…I guess it is road trip weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish I could have been in my panties. I did however take off my bra while sitting in standing traffic for nearly 2 hrs while the guy in the car next to me watched. Ok so that has nothing on you in your panties, but thats as risque as I could get lol

    Normally I’m just a soul/jazzy type of girl–except for when I drive long distances. I have narcoleptic tendencies so I have to listen to what I call “hype” music so that I stay awake…mostly hip-hop..just anything up-tempo, with a beat I can dance to.

    Now…I’m Washington state…right next to the Canadian border (Vancouver, B.C.)

    Not so sure I miss the Indiana roadside LOL…

    I am SO mad at Menuedo! Old school or the new school version???

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