nothing in particular

today has been quite the blah kinda day. Just Blah

* a child was “abducted” from our lobby Monday. Security watched it all go down and didn’t do anything.

* school starts monday. AHHHHHHH!!!! lol i’m not ready to give up my leisure time.

* I’m tired of doing this kind of work. It’s boring me to DEATH! But i need to do this kind of work right now since i can do it with little to no effort.

* we will be buying a new (to us) car soon. I don’t want a new car/note/expense. But we need 2 cars. I’m grateful our little kia lasted as long as it did. 11yrs is nothing to sneeze at when its a 97 kia sephia.

* my neighbor/coworker talks so damn much. I just want him to SHUTDAHELL UP! damn Mouth ALL Mighty.

*apparently the people who read my blogs arent as hood as i am. lol Only one person broke 100 with me.

* All the times i’ve dragged Ian to the apple store to drool over gadgets and gizmos.. he’d never actually listened to the ipod. I’ll have one soon now 🙂 lol

* I recently created a new folder in my reader just for sex blogs. There are some things you just dont want to open in public! lol

* i am craving stuffed shrimp from Papadeaux. The closet one is 4 1/2 hours from stl.

* I need to creep out a few minutes early for lunch.

* Did i mention i cut my hair? OFF?! LOL I gotta take pictures.

* maybe i won’t sneak since people like to snitch. I’ll just put in a leave slip

* I can NOT forget to tell Ian what his nephew did! lol

* The Lasagna that Go Bytch posted a pic of looks so good!

aite.. thats all for now… gotta go make a run.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love your random posts… So funny!

    And I too, will be starting school Monday… Yeah, leisure time is over.


  2. Hurry up and post the hair pics. I like new hairstyles.

    I’m always sneaking off early for lunch. What did Ian’s nephew do? lol

  3. OMG! @ the child being abducted! Wow…top flight ain’t good for shit.

    School seemed to creep back up on ya huh? Well, we’ve enjoyed having you around, lol.

    Happy car hunting…I am right there with you…let me know what you decide on.

    Dang…100, lol…I guess holding onto hope that Tupac is still alive is the only thing that gives me hood credentials…dang…is it wrong for me to want to be hood? Lol

    Mmmmm, stuffed shrimp…Pappadeaux…I think I know where #2 is going to have to take me for dinner, lol.

    I wanna see the new do! Hurry with those pics!

    I wanna know what Ian’s nephew did too! Yep, I’m nosey 😛

  4. I OVERLYunderstand about the car payments…I’ve had my Grand Am paid off for years and until this one coughs of blood, I’m still pushing it so I dont have to have that monthly payment.

  5. honey i aint gonna lie that Lasagna was good,lol

    yeah and dont sneak out, you know somebody with their messy azz is gonna rat

    and my ipod is my best friend,lol

    Happy Wednesday!!

  6. Ok so wth is the security in your bldg for if they aint gonna protect…

    that is just straight dumb…

    and yes… where are the pics of the new cut

  7. I will NOT be starting school on Monday, so there! A job ain’t nothing but work. Boring? What with the tales you’ve provided? ok. 🙂

    (*Channels Whodini*)
    “Mouth all mighty, tongue everlasting”

    Gadgets FTW! Ipods are the Debil!(*puts on headphones, turns on Ipod*)

    @ Sex blogs folder: What’s funny is that you’ve put that out in public. 🙂 Holla at me. I know somebody who knows somebody who knows someone with some good sex blogs. You might have them already (psst, share).

    If they snitch, Boondocks they azz!

    That is all…for now.

  8. Maybe you should bribe the snitches and offer them some grub to snack on.

    What iPod are you getting?

  9. 1. what in da sam hill are they securing if it ain’t the kids?!?
    2. pics of the hair do…make it happen. LOL

  10. @sula 🙁 What are we to do w/ no leisure time 🙂

    @ adrienne It’s ok i KNOW you’re hood! lol

    @ Thoughts of a Southern Girl… I will put them up as soon as I get home today 🙂 I’m do a post on the nephew thing lol

    @RealHustla.. nope they are all still employed… sad asses

    @cas… yes ma’am :p

    @cici… it DID end up being a lot huh?! lol

    @keli… where do you think i’m going? lol i’ll still be around. :p

    @deltapurl… check your email 😉

    @MyLife… Idon’t want TWO car notes, hell I don’t want ONE car note! hopefully we can find something and pay cash for it. Wish us luck.

    @Dreamy why you gotta rub it in? lol @ the ipod and the lasagna

    @dej… they will be up manana 🙂

    @carm… ummm not getting any?! we need to talk LOL and it’s Off OFF!

    @eb the celeb… Girl the whole top flight staff needs to be replaced!

    @SheNeeds… Gotta love it! We’ve been under watchful eyes now though.

    @roddykat You are soo damn silly! lol @ know somebody. I know somebody too! :p

    @Freaky Deaky… I am not feeding them people! lol I’m going to get the 80gb classic. I WANT the Nano for it’s cute factor, but i’d rather get the additional memory for an extra $50.

    @torrance…what are you talking bout! lol you can’t mix tweet replies and blog comments together. :p

  11. Now a days, these “Security Guards” ain’t securing shyt but their spots in their seats.

    It’s a shame [REALLY].

    Cut off your hair?? *GASP*

    I’mma need you to get the lead out and get those pics up [ya hear??]


  12. security sucks, all they do anyways is talk big ish then call the police.

    i saw that picture that gobytch posted. i agree, it’s the business. not too mention my favorite food. period.

  13. I need security to work on it…

    Damn, talkin about the throwback with Mouth all mighty. Hahahaha!

    I don’t think I wanna know what his nephew did. Nothing surprises me.

    You mean I didn’t hit 100 with you?! Coulda fooled me.

    If you get 11 years out of any car you doing good.

  14. @ms. behaving… lol yup OFF

    @don… don’t you think Go Bytch should have invited us over for dinner? lol

    @kayos…that’s right you WERE one of the few who were hood right along with me!

    @Mystery.. girl he talks ALL day long!

  15. Wtf, how did a child get abducted right under their nose? Every damn one of them should’ve been fired! Did they get the child back? Please say they did.

    I don’t start back taking classes until 9/2 and I’m not feeling it. Can’t even psych myself up about it, ‘cept for the fact that it’s free and I might as well take advantage.

    I was thinking of changing my major to Sociology so that I could get into Social Work, but I’ve changed mind again. LOL

    Go you, on finding and getting a new ride. Hate a car payment – cannot wait until ’09 when mine will be paid for.

    Hey, share the links for the sex blogs…remember that “unite” thing. LOL

    Oh my, what did Ian’s nephew do – we won’t tell. LOL

    And I just blogged in your comments. LMAO

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