The child abduction: (tales from the fs office)

*** i mentioned this incident in THIS post***

A woman walks in past security through the metal detectors. Walks into the lobby spots a woman and a baby, say “HO! This my muthafuking baby!” Walks over picks up the baby carrier and walks OUT of the lobby and out the front doors and leaves. Security never moved!
Come the find out the “HO” was the paternal grandmother of the child and the father of the child was in the interview area applying for assistance for the child. Allegedly the mother of the child is on drugs and the child life was in danger.

For the remainder of the day, security appeared to be VISIBLY shaken and had several meetings with administration. However, no one has been fired.

Such a safe place to work! * dripping with sarcasm*


  1. I’d say somebody needs to be fired or at the very least some days home without pay, but I think a firing of somebody is in order. How do you let something like that happen? SMH at the shyt that goes on these days.

  2. Somebody needs to raise some hell….

    Ain’t no way that Security guard should STILL be working there!!!

  3. what in the sam hill is going on when a kid can just up and be taken by a crackhead?!? that’s some BOOSHEET.

  4. Sounds to me like children’s services should be doing a little training down there about child endangerment and ya’ll being mandatory reporters of child abuse.


  5. That’s a trip. They need to be fired FOR REAL. It’s a good thing the poor baby wasn’t being abducted for real. Definitely wouldn’t make me feel secure.

  6. hey mamiiiiiii!!!

    ok im gonna need you to find some other place to work

    it is not safe for you there!!!

    do i need to come get your black tail???

    too many things are not right with that place,lol

    thanks for the email sweets, love you for it!!!

  7. If it’s like the FS offices up here the only thing security actually secures is the building and property. If someone goes missing or a client goes upside your head then don’t count on security to do anything other than dial 911. That is if they’re not too busy flirting with clients.

  8. @sheneeds. fired is what they need to be.

    @keli… yup just like that
    @tilted halo… girl unfit!
    @adrienne.. say it again G.O.
    @Ms. Behaving.. that would be too much like right.
    @realhustla… as far as i know, still with the momma
    @Cas… yup pretty high on the sad scale.
    @nikki.. yup straight up BULL
    @SouthernGirl.. and NO unemployment
    @Torrance… Mr. Keli heey!
    @dej… sigh
    @carmell… no you don’t
    @Nan… you haven’t been gone THAT long you know how things work.

  9. @cici… i do hope the kid is okay

    @DeltaPurl… Nope not yet

    @ Goddess … being taken by a crackhead is what i’d consider an abduction

    @ Dreamy One … i got 2 years left chic

    @Ms. Lee
    yup scary indeed.

    @ del … oh! i’m just waiting on the day someone comes in shooting.

    @ Freaky Deaky said…
    you aint never lie at them flirting!

    @Sheila… you’re not that far off!!

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