Lil sticky fingers

I mentioned this briefly here

I was talking with my sister in law and she ask if she’d told me about the $27 incident.

Me: Girl No! What happened?
SIL: well M(her husband) called me from Mississippi and told me to call my momma and ask her if she gave lil M $20?

*so she calls and her momma says “THAT’S where my money went”*

Apparently she had $22 dollars on the dresser and she noticed $20 was missing. She said she asked both kids if they had seen the money. They both said no. They both HELPED her look for the money. All under the bed, behind the dresser but they couldn’t find the money.

Daddy picked the kids up from the grandmother’s house and they got on the highway headed for Jackson, MS. When they go there the little girl K noticed her $7 was missing. Please keep in mind that when they were looking for the $20 bill earlier, K had her $7 in her wallet in her purse. So later that night, or the next day, lil M ask to go to Walmart to buy a toy (a toy he’d been trying to get since earlier this summer but didn’t have enough for) and daddy ask him where he got money from? And how much money he had?.

Guess how much he had?

Lol yup $27

He had the $20 bill the WHOLE time he was crawling around helping his grandmother look for it. It was either in his shoe or his drawls (he didn’t have pockets). And at some point on the drive to Jackson, he swiped his sister’s money too!

ME: CTFU laughing
SIL: girl you know his daddy beat the shyt out him. When I got home, he was sitting on the sofa holding the baby looking scared. Then K comes skipping out the back saying “Hey Momma! Brother (she never calls him by his name) got a whipping b/c he STOLE me and Grammy’s money”

ME: DYING laughing.

SIL: I sat down and started asking him why he did it? Etc and he’s like he didn’t think he would get caught and starts crying.

*she said she asked him something like why was he crying, I can’t remember*
But whatever it was in between sobs he says

Lil M: Daddy said he gon cut my hands off!
ROFLMAO I think it’s safe to say he won’t be stealing anything else. 🙂


  1. LMFAO! That is hilarious – “Daddy said he’s gon cut my hands off” LOL Not funny that he was stealing, cuz that’s bad but the way it all unfolded. And he had the nerve to help look for Grammy’s money that he had all the time. CTFU! I hope he’s learned his lesson.

  2. Yes indeed!!! They are not making kids like they used too!

    I did that when I was four and my dad beat the daylights out of me, lol!

    I was something else back then

  3. I wonder why he didn’t think he was gonna get caught. Little kids don’t think things through. His math skills are cool, but the reasoning skills haven’t kicked in yet. Funny story.

  4. Because he did not think he would get caught…how many criminals in lock up had that same notion…

    Good thing for father’s who threaten to cut off hands of children that take things that don’t belong to them…I mean…it was a bit hars, but I bet he would stop and pause before putting his hands on something that does not belong to him.

  5. LOL….what is with kids and money. My little one has a wallet and everyday tells me to take him to the bank so he can get some dollars. A Mess!!!

  6. “Leaning Back In My Chair Laughing” Girl, I should have known NOT to read your post while at work!! What did I do, BURST out laughing @ daddy gone cut my hands off!! Imo get fired fooling with you. Too funny!! I think “brother” learned a lesson.

  7. GOOD!! Aint nothing wrong with a little beat down!! Especially, when stealing, because that is a very bad habit. So, gald nipped it in the butt, I mean bud. And look at his sister, too funny!! Could not wait to tell.

  8. LMAO!!!

    You know what…I was caught up in a “sticky fingers incident” when I was younger myself.

    After I got my @ss whopped by momz, my step pops took the both of my hands in his and held a lighter under em’ as close as he could without causing injury.

    Let’s just say I ain’t ever thought about takin’ shyt that wasn’t mine since then.

  9. He should’ve made his kid pick out the instrument that would cut off his hands if he ever did anything like that again. What?! That’s funny as hell.

    Now I’m kind of curious. Why didn’t he steal the other $2 from his Grammy too? What toy did he want so badly?

  10. @tiltedhalo… i think he has lol

    @dreamy girl I used to get away with stealing change… then i got caught. never stole again lol.. ok thats not completely true…but..

    @realhustla LOL @ his math skills. Yea he was a counting fool!!

    @keli… yea he earned that beat down

    @Sheneeds… lol then they skip over change.. they want DOLLARS

    @SewWhat… girl dont lose your job! Brother got the picture

    @urbanknitrix.. girl sister couldn’t WAIT to rat him out! lol

    @ms.behaving… lmao that was abuse!! lol

    @FreakyDeaky… I guess he knew he could get the rest from his sister *shrugs* lol Some video game for his game boy.

  11. funny but i’m not looking forward to a day when my little one tries something crazy like that.

    LOL @ him searching for it the whole time, all the while he had it!

  12. Funny post. I can remember a couple times when I was younger where I ‘found’ some money and even helped the former owner find it. I didn’t want to give the money back.

    Too funny @ him saying Dad said he would cut my hands off.

  13. thing is, i bet ery last one of us got a story like that to tell about ourselves. LOL

    hopefully, they’re all stories about when we were kids and not adult crackheads doing smash and grabs. NOT a good look.

  14. this was too funny!! how old is the boy?? my 7 year old used to have sticky fingers. but she was real young. around 1. she would put stuff in the basket as we walk by. or if she was walking and you know how some stores in the malls have tables at the door… she would walk past and grab something and keep walking.. THANK GOD she grew out of that!!!

  15. Back in the day… my mother would’ve held his fingers over the stove to show him what sticky fingers really feel like…lol

  16. brought back a lot of memories..i use to have sticky fingers as a child too until i started getting it beat out me! lol

  17. I ain’t even gone lie…

    He woulda had me fooled too if he was on the floor helpin look for tha money.

    He deserved a beat down but he also deserved a pat on the back for the biggest act of drama I have eva seen.

  18. That’s funny…reminds me of a COSBY episode where Rudy wanted a shirt that lit up, and Claire thought she was loosing her mind as she was searching for the money that Rudy took all while Rudy stood by and watched her look for it.

  19. ROTFL!

    that is too funny! but he does need to be checked for that. my lil man tried to confiscate some change that fell from his grandma’s pocket. he grabbed, and just took off running to his piggy bank.

    we had to intercept him and tell him that wasn’t right…he just wanted to drop coins in his piggybank.


    i can’t believe he was actually looking…well, then again i can…kids are crazy…like realhustla said his math skills are up there…but his reasoning…still hasn’t kicked in.

  20. Yep you gotta nip that particular sh*t in bud before it florishes into something else.
    I think the young man in question has mostly likely learned his lesson.
    Kids do the darnest things….they dont realise that adults used to be kids too.


  21. Girl how did he think he was going to get away with that one!Yes I don’t think he will be doing that again!Ha Ha!!

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