Hey *waves to everyone*

I was tagged by MP over at My Second Journal. She’s a STL blogger I met on twitter. Hey Lady!

Four place I go to over and over:
1 Work

2 School

3 Target

4 JoAnn’s

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Adrienne

2. Kisha

3. urbanknitrix

4. Keli

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. New Orleans

2. Chicago

3. Vegas

4. NYC

Four TV shows/programs that I watch over and over:
1. Big Brother (10)

2. Project Runway

3. Bridezillas

4. Making The Band

Four things I have for breakfast:
1. Poptart

2. Cereal

3. Breakfast sandwich

4. or nothing

Four animals I like best:
1. Ones

2. that

3. live

4. elsewhere LOL

Four beaches I’ve been to:
1. Miami /ft lauderdale

2. Cozumel

3. Galveston

4. Biloxi

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  1. Why are you hating on the pets? LOL…AANNDD why you gotta put me out there like that…my huband just cracked me about that last night….Imma get a new phone!! I’d just rather purchase Scrapbook items..thank you very much!! LOL

  2. Why me!!!! LOL But we are gonna have to work on the pets…my son is terrified of them but wedo have one lonely little fish.

  3. What? Adrienne is e-cheating on me?!? LOL. I like Adrienne and Crimson Purl – both women have great sense of humors.

    I wouldn’t mind being in NY or Vegas, right about now.

  4. You know I’m cracking up at the pet thing too. You’re funny. I take it you didn’t grow up with pets. LOL

  5. I like those 4 pets and i couldn’t agree more! the kids keep asking for a nasty animal, i told them to enjoy that hermit crab cause that’s the closet to an pet they’ll ever have! lol

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