Wanna hear a story?

There was once a dog named Taco. Taco was a tiny black, brown, and white rat terrier. A loving couple from the south who had just moved to the midwest adopted Taco from an animal shelter. They brought Taco home to be part of their family.

The woman of the house would wake up EARLY in the morning bundle herself up to take Taco for walks in the morning, the man of the house would come home for lunch to take Taco out for a midday outing, and the woman would race home from work to give Taco sometime to romp around before the sun set.

Well one day the lady of the house left her ethernet cable lying too close to the Taco’s crate when she left the house for work. Taco decided not to play with the toys the couple had bought specifically for her. Instead, Taco chose to chew on the ethernet cable.

When the lady of the house came home from work she saw little black/red/green pieces of plastic and metal lying on the floor in front of Taco’s crate. Taco’s bouncing around in his crate, little tail wagging b/c he knows it’s time to go out for a walk. The lady of the house did not take Taco for a walk that evening. She did however, place a call to the man of the house and said “when I come home from work tomorrow I want the little bytch gone!”.

The next morning, the woman of the house left Taco in the crate whimpering to be let out while she got dressed for work. When she came home from work Taco was gone.

Moral of the story…

Don’t fuk with a woman’s internet connection!


p.s. If the man of the house happens to read this little tale… please know that I appreciate what you did to keep our home a HAPPY home… Smooches 🙂

OH! and no animals were harmed in the re-telling of this story. lol


  1. That was cold. One chance was all Taco got. I feel ya though. My brother’s dog caused thousands in damage that has still not been repaired. I was a fool for letting it happen.

  2. Poor, poor Taco. You need a betta fish. No damage can be done to anything. Hard to kill and easy to care for. I know from personal experiences.

  3. damn poor Taco didnt even stand a chance,lol

    ohhh well,lol hey i like the name Taco it was cute!!!

  4. Poor Taco and Ian!!! 🙁

    Girl I learned the hard way you can’t leave shit out when they are puppies ’cause they will tear it up!!! I still miss my sandals Cochise chewed up when he was a puppy. lol

  5. damn. i feel real bad for taco. then again, had it been my internet cable, i wouldn’t have waited for the man. taco would have been tossed like a salad right out the front door.

  6. That’s just wrong punishing a dog for it’s owner’s carelessness. Well hopefully Taco is in a better home and has been given a better name. LOL!

  7. lmao@ nikki and the tossed like a salad comment

    @realhustla Taco had to G.O.

    @sexxy luv naw… i cant get with the crab as a pet lol

    @freakydeaky How you gon call me careless? lol He should have known better. And Taco was a cool name :p

  8. Wow, not even a 3 count. Who am I kidding, I might have down the same thing and I keep Ethernet Cable around.

    Wait, Taco? You were really telegraphing that poor thing’s future.

    And that’s fine for RETELLING of the story. Just don’t let me see you shoot no dogs.

    Didn’t they make an After School Special about this? Yo gotta love these cautionary tales.

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