my nerves are SHOT!

***finally heard from mymom. SHE IS FINE!! now i can relax. whispering prayers for those still riding out Gustav***

but they are better than yesterday.

I haven’t heard from my mom yet, she was supposed to leave New Orleans at 2am this morning. She was supposed to call. She didn’t. Now she’s not answering her phone.

I’ve talked to all my family/friends. They are all out.

My grandmother left last night w/ my uncle. She is going to Gonzales by my aunt.
Baby Kady’s mom was headed to Picayune, Ms
My HS BFF is in Monroe… her husband WAS in Baton Rouge (their jobs seperated them).. i need to text her.
Trina was headed to Macon, Ga.
My friend Steph had surgery this week. She had surgery the week Katrina hit. She is not allowed to have surgery again.

Still havent heard from my mom

Since yesterday my mind has been in a warped little circle. Who’s gone, who’s not gone, who haven’t I heard from, wheres is this person,

It will be that way until Gustav is over.

I’m scared for New Orleans.

Katrina was a fluke. It wasn’t a direct hit on New Orleans. It was a low category 3 when it made landfall.

Gustav is the one they warned us about.

Unless a miracle happens (which i’m praying for) Gustav will be a direct hit and may be a low category 4 or a strong category 3. Both spell devastation.
The levees are already compromised.

My grandmother JUST finished rebuilding.

Her home is 3 blocks from the 9th ward levees. She’s on the lower 9 side in between the st. claude and claiborne bridges.

I hate that she wasted her time rebuilding.

I’m glad we decided not to go back.

This time it’s worse for me than Katrina. In Katrina, we had no clue what was going on. We were in a black hole. This time i have Yahoo news, CNN, The weather channel, FoxNews.
I know too much.

The say home is where the heart is… My heart will always be in New Orleans.


  1. Urgh…I cant even EVEN imagine it and what you are going through. The power of our information is, at most a good thing but when it gets bombarded at us where our loved ones are concerned, it can be a nightmare. I pray you hear from your mom soon. Keep us posted

  2. you have me tearing up over here!!

    things are gonna be okay mami. you will hear from your moms soon.

    maybe she is on one of those 500 buses that are trying to get out as we speak. she probably cant get to her phone right now

    think positive and pray. i will be praying here with you sweetie.

    love ya hon, and I understand how you feel about your home town.

  3. Hey Girl,
    Your mom is ok. I heard from my friend that it goes with out saying traffic is a mess and I had to call her several times yesterday before I could get through.

  4. PAJ! I’ll be thinking of your family! (And my own parents, who happen to be riding out the storm in Lafayette…whatdahell?!)

  5. I feel you…I have not been able to get in touch with my mother since yesterday afternoon…

    I want her to come here…just in case Gustav decides to make a turn in the direction of TX! They already evacuated the patients from the drug rehabilitation center where she works…there is NO reason for her to chance it…

    I am losing my freakin mind…I will say a prayer for you and your family as well.

  6. Now MY nerves are shot. But that’s okay. I’mma pray God take some of your anxiety and give it to me. Maybe this way you can get a little sleep. Hang in there.

  7. I’m sure your mom is fine. There’s probably utter chaos going on right now where she’s at. After she gets settled, she’ll call. Try not to worry. ((HUGS))

  8. I’m sure she’s okay. Maybe cell tower overload which is why she can’t get a call to you. My prayers are with you. Keep us posted!

  9. I feel for your fear. I will say a prayer for you and all of NO. I hope you hear from your mother soon.

    Keep us updated!

  10. Wow – I can’t imagine what you are going through either. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted please – I hope that you get in touch with her very soon.

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