Good Morning!

Did yall enjoy your long weekend?

I was ball of crazy nervous energy all weekend. Ask Ian? lol I heard from my mom yesterday afternoon, thank the Lord! She does not follow directions…. sigh (keli, you see i’m still sounding like the parent huh?)

But seriously, Thank each and everyone of you who reached out to me via blogger, email, and text (even if it was 7am!) I appreciate having each of you in my life. Thanks again 🙂

Alrighty…. don’t you think that is enough mush for the day?! lol

Enjoy your SHORT work week!


  1. I’m glad to hear your family is doing well. I am sure you are more relaxed after this weekend.

    Shouldn’t you be up at 7am getting ready for work? LOL!

  2. Glad to hear all is well with your family… I agree enough of the mushiness and return to your scheduled programming…lol

  3. Hold up…Adrienne is first here TOO??? I see she’s stepping her comment game up.

    Thanks for the well wishes for the short work week, although when you don’t want to be somewhere the day seems to drag along forever. Especially with the weather as gloomy as it is.

  4. Yay! for the Fam being alright. And as for the phone, that's why I keep mine off even though I'd just be getting home that early. 🙂 Folk don't understand.
    Nothing wrong with a little mushiness every now & then.

  5. Sorry I wasn’t here to offer a cyber hug or a soothing comment Patrice – I’ve been in La La Land – our office has been hellish and I started classes again. I’m glad your family is okay.

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