I am so sick of these damn foreigners. When you brought your ass to the USA you were informed that you had 7yrs to gain citizenship. When you applied for and was approved for SSI, you were informed you had 7yrs to gain citizenship. Now that your 7yr window has closed you want to get mad with me b/c your medicaid closed. Fine. You also want to bytch at me b/c your SSI has ended. You know what, that’s fine too.

Hell to be totally honest I only understand like 20% of what you say b.c i’m distracted by the spit flying out of you mouth as you struggle to speaka the got damn english.

When you ask to apply for cash assistance and I tell you you’re not eligible b/c you dont have kids under 18 and you become LOUD and ask to speak with my supervisor. FINE

When you lie and say I don’t give you all the “foodah stamps” you deserve, I smile then pull up your payment history. When you lie and say you were w/o medicaid for 3 months. I smile and pull that up as well.

When you ask HER for cash assistance and she repeats VERBATIM what i told your punk ass. I laugh AT you.

Then when you ask for a new caseworker b.c “she doesnt’ not like me”, and she tells you that you can’t have a new case worker.

Then you start to whine about being about to lose your house. I tell you, “so are many others in here” and slide you a resource packet. I giggle when you say something in YOUR language that I can’t understand. I know you prolly called me a “black bytch”. It’s okay! I don’t like your smelly ass either, SO.

Then when you avoid making eye contact with me (you disrespectful bastard) and tell my supervisor “thank you so much for your all your help”.

My evil side makes an appearance and says ” Sir before you go… take this number for the claims department, b/c your foodah stamps will be reduced effective NEXT month. Have a good day”




  1. Patrice’s Dark Side in full, full effect.

    Keep your head up. As long as YOU know you are doing the right thing, that is all that matters.

  2. “She’s doesn’t a not like me”…I could hear it so closely…you are good, because I would have gone off as soon as he started speaking that ish…did you hear negrita and/or punta?

  3. 7 years is long got damn time for somebody up in this bytch with NO kids to be getting free cash and food. No wonder they flockin’ here.
    It’s somebody else’s turn now.

  4. I may have to copy this post and e-mail it to my mom. I’ve heard stories of her clients that sound just like yours. Down to the horrific English, trying to go over her head, and thanking the supervisor while ignoring her.

    Have a good weekend and try not to think about the foodah stamps. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! But no citzenship. What do people want! I guess they want it all for nothing.

    Sorry to hear you had a rough time with this ungrateful character.

  6. Oh my gosh, I’m lmfao! You are hilarious girl! Ever thought about doing stand up? Oh and this post was so on point – speaka damn English, you’re in the USA now! Ungrateful, greedy bastards!

  7. You mean you don't have to be a citizen to get food stamps & medicaid? Dayum! This is the land of opportunity isn't it!

  8. omg… hey misssy… wooooosaahh

    what get me though are the ones that have been here more than 10 yrs and still dont speak english

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