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Things i’m looking forward to…

*Amazing Race Sunday 9/28: This is the one reality show I would like to do. Even looked at the application. lol I could see me and Ian now, fussing, cussing, and laughing around the world.

* My next vacation: I want to go somewhere tropical (granted when hurricane season is over), kinda want to take a cruise. Had fun on the last one.

* My IPOD: I will have all 80gbs of it soon πŸ™‚

* Taking an mini-vacay: just a quick weekend trip with Ian sans technology.

* Housewarming party: my cousin has finally finished building his house just outside of louisville, ky. The party is on the 20th.

* Making Candles & Stuff: Summer is not a good time for candles. So i’ll be getting my wax on soon. whoohoo

* Meeting Stacey/Adrienne/Keli IRL: One day chica’s lol

* My hair growing back: lol I just realized… It’s bout to be COLD up here!!! Why didn’t yall tell me that?! lol (guess i need to start knitting some hats)

*Sewing: B/C that’s what i’m about to do. Oh! did i mention that I was OFF! hehehehe

Have a good day πŸ™‚


  1. Mad because you are off.

    The best part about winter is the hats, I love winter hats. I have a plastic container full of them.

  2. Fun stuff! I can’t wait to see what you are sewing. I have a feeling you will post something tomorrow. I can’t wait.

    Try to have some fun on your day off.

  3. lol @ hair growing back…yep, you better get to knitting, lol.

    I sooo look forward to meeting you IRL soon as well!

  4. LOL @ the hair! I have the same problem, luckily for me it doesn’t get too cold in Florida. If you figure out how to get your hubby to take a trip w/o tech gear…..plz let a sistah know! Mine must have his Treo, pda and Ipod AT ALL TIMES! Dayum!

  5. ~ Don’t mention cruise…Tony and I are already plotting…

    ` Ipods are like CRACK lol. I love mine.

    ~ Enjoy your trip sans technology…get your fix before you leave lol πŸ™‚

    ~I’m ready to meet you too!!! Might as well πŸ˜‰

  6. cruise sounds like fun.

    and good look on ur hats.
    u will never catch me wit a hat on. even since i was young i just cant do it

  7. you are off….(your rocker)) SIKE.. couldnt resist.:D Sounds like all fun stuff. I see it all happening just as you have stated, in my crystal ball.

  8. yeah… what were you thinking cutting your hair off at the END of summer?!?!?

    i love Amazing Race… i don’t think Hubby and i would survive the show though. one of us would be dead and it wouldn’t be me!!!

  9. i’ve always wanted to do the amazing race too. i think it’d be awesome.

    and yes, hair is def a plus in the winter time. lol.

  10. yeah mami, i need to grow my hair back too,lol

    and I think I have watched Amazing race a couple of times

    umhhhh I need a vacation too *sigh*

  11. Girl, you honestly have the best posts. I enjoy reading your blog, you always have something going on.

    Out of all the reality shows, Amazing Race is my fave.

    I want to go on a cruise – I’ve never been yet, one day…

    Does this mean on your mini-vaca, you’ll be without your celly too?

    You are too damn crafty…now you wanna make candles. Have fun. LOL

    I want my hair to grow back too…I just got braids on Sunday cuz I’m sick of this growing out stage and these damn things are getting on my nerves! I want them out now!

    Rub it in, why don’t you! I want to be off. *pouting*

  12. I love Amazing Race. I can’t find anyone to try out with me. My partner has to know how to drive a stick.

  13. I love the Amazing Race! I've thought about it but I can't drive a stick and a lot of their challenges aren't big & tall friendly. Not trying to have a cable snap and plummet to my death on CBS. No ma'am!

    You hear about the new iPods?

    Can you make me one of those candles with money in it? Oh, I don't want to provide any of the currency that goes in it. I just want a candle with money in it. LOL.

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