The Fuck You Rules

Those of you who follow me on twitter, and see the crazy tweets I make about comments made in class. Well most of those tweets occur on Monday’s and Wednesday’s in my Public Speaking class with Dr. A. Out of the 5 classes I’m taking his is the one I like best, b/c he’s relatable and the topics of discussion are ALWAYS interesting, to say the least.

Today, in Public Speaking Dr. A introduced us to “The Fuck You Rules”. These are rules he says he followed that helped him make it through while he was in school working on his PhD. His mantra while in school was “Fuck You I will make it, Fuck You I can pass this class, Fuck you I will…” etc.

I like the principle behind “The Fuck You Rules” So here’s my list:

Fuck you, I will finish school before I turn 30
Fuck you, This job is a pit-stop, not my final destination
Fuck you, My marriage will last
Fuck you, I will not be bitter about being barren
Fuck you, You will never be able to make be feel inadequate
Fuck you, You will NOT catch me slipping. I’m too clever.
Fuck you, “the jones’es” don’t pay my bills, therefore I will NEVER try to keep up with them.
Fuck you, I will not stress myself out trying help family/friends. Every top has to stand on its on bottom
Fuck you, I will succeed in business
Fuck you, I will always think highly of myself. If you don’t like it, Get DA FUCK!
Fuck you, You will NEVER break me!

I challenge all of you to create you own Fuck You Rules. Live by them.

And Dr. A, today is the only day you’re allowed to read my blog! LOL


  1. Now you know Dr. A is not going to listen to you, right? I can already tell that making this type of list is going to be a little challenging for me. Don’t know why yet.

    FUCK YOU, I will make a list for myself.

  2. Uh… yeah, I concur. He did need to say all of that AND then some to get through school!! I got a Ph.D., and uh, I said WORSE than he did! FAR worse… LOL

    And hey, if that’s what get’s you through, work it out. Gotta be rough with the haters! Sometimes ya just gotta get verbally violent.

    My favorite: “Every top has to stand on it’s bottom”

    Really though.

  3. Had some stuff on your mind I see…

    good list…always nice to get it out…

    and you are right, you are not defeated, you are the victor so tell them all…F’ You!

    I never say the F word, it sounds funny when I say it…well unless…nevermind…getting off topic.

  4. LURVE this idea! I’m getting my PhD now and definitely utter some variation of Dr. A’s list daily.

    Fuck you… I will be the first Black woman to finish this program!

    Back to writing this proposal I go. *Sigh*

  5. I like this . . . I smell a series. You can’t do this just once. You’ll find yourself adding to it almost every day.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I wish I could’ve shared my list in this morning’s staff meeting! There are a bunch o’ “F-you’s” I’d like to pass out there, LOL! Lemme get to work on this list………I might be a minute!

  7. LUV’d them ALL!!!! I need to snatch a couple of those for myself! :o)

    Just now catching up!
    Yep we will meet IRL one day!!

    And cute top and skirt you made this past weekend!!!

  8. I came back to share my list with you………..

    F**k you, I will start my own event planning business
    F**k you, I will be successful at it
    F**k you, I will not apologize for being ambitious
    F**k you, I will NEVER conform to how YOU think a woman should behave
    F**k you, I was tryna help your ignant ass out but since you wanna ack brand new………KICK ROCKS BIYOTCH!
    F**k you, I will not brown-nose my way to the top. You do enough of that for all of us!
    F**k you, I will not apologize for wanting bigger and better things for my family
    F**k you, ME and MY husband said those vows so you can step the f**k off with your 2 cents!
    F**k you, I will never get over losing my Bigma so stop tryna tell me to move on!

    *I reserve the right to add or subtract from this list, LOL*

  9. loving this…now i’m thinking…

    Fuck you…I’m doing the damn thing…and you can’t tell me otherwise.
    Fuck you…yeah i’m a housewife…and? I choose this for my family.
    Fuck you…I am THE artist…and my work rocks my world!
    Fuck you…I know my worth!
    Fuck you…I can get an A in every class, while doing it all for my family…including homeschooling.
    Fuck you…I’m an obama mama
    Fuck you…I love me…and you should love you.
    Fuck you…I will have my MFA one day…even if its 20 yrs after high school.

    i just had to play along…that felt good!

    i’m going to create my artist F-U list now…

  10. Oh my! That’s really really good.

    I need to do one of my own.

    Thanks for all the love Patrice, it was really appreciated.

    Take care Chica… And I am already planning the party for the graduation. h00t h00t… 😉

  11. Yes! just stumbled onto your blog! and what a great post to find! I need to definitely make a fuck you list. Here’s a sample
    FUCK YOU- i will have my own business
    FUCK YOU- I will go back to school if I please
    FUCK YOU- I will lose weight
    FUCK YOU and ur stank ass girlfriend you deserve that nasty as bitch!
    Whew… let me stop I don’t want to unload all my Fuck you’s on your comment section!

    Thanks for this! Visit me in a couple days, cause I will definitely be swagger jacking your idea! LOL

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