I’m Puzzled…

maybe yall can help me out… b/c i am CONFUSED.

You have a job. You are employed. You have an application for child care
pending. You applied 9/2/08. you were notified then ALL i needed was your last 2
check stubs and work schedule. You call today to say you QUIT your job b/c you
didn’t have child care.



Sorry can you say that again?!

She repeats

So I tell her, you know I STILL need your last 2 check stubs.
And now a letter from your job saying the last day you worked.

you know this heffa had the audacity to say…

“Ok, and can I get
child care too, so i can look for a job”



  1. You should’ve hung up on her!! I would have. I know you can’t do that. But doggonit, put her on hold (and leave her there forever!)

  2. Questions for you:

    1. So, if at her job, she doesn’t make enough to pay for child care, who’s going to keep her child for free while she works?

    2. If you don’t approve the child care subsidy for her, how is she going to look for another job?

  3. Her mama should’ve swallowed.

    Gotta love stupid people’s version of logic.

    Ask her if she needs transportation and offer to send the short, yellow bus her way. She’ll have to provide her own helmet but there’s plenty of windows for her to lick on the ride there.

    *shaking my head*

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Bless you and all the ignant a** people you have to deal with. I work in HR and I am astounded by all the stupidness I see every day.

  5. I guess I’m stupid too because if she doesn’t have anyone to watch the kid she has to quit or get fired.and there is no one to watch the kid while she goes on interviews so she would need babysitting

  6. being a single mother i can understand where she’s coming from….sometimes you have no one to keep your children besides yourself and when it comes down to it, you have to get rid of 1 and of course it’s the J.O.B……I see nothing wrong with asking for child care to look for work….you can’t take a baby to a interview right?….

    just thinking outside the box….reality for some of us. 🙂

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