and all hell breaks loose…

let me give yall a REALLLY quick update as to the goings on in my world.

~ yesterday I think there was a crack in the ground and a few imps snuck out of the pits of hell and decided to tag along with me for the day….

** got to work saw about 8 clients… 2 of them were high ranking officers for the devil himself.
** fought with hubby all day via text.
** got into a fender bender leaving school
** for my night classes the A/C was out… and i had to have lost about 5lbs just in water weight from all the sweating I was doing.
** got home and ummm not to go into details. Got into a really big fight with Ian. REALLY big.

* I was wrong… I hurt him very badly… It was all my fault… he’s is sooo upset with me… did i mention it was all my fault?… yea it’s all my fault… so, it’s up to me to fix it… first step counseling on Friday.

So umm yea this week has gotten off to a very rough start…

this too shall pass

to be truly honest i’m ready for this month to be over. lol September has not been good to me.

ok… gotta go back to the office.

WAIT!!! Did I mention that my Dash is broken? *deep sigh*

Luv yall


  1. Hope your day is going much better.

    You have the right attitude knowing this too shall pass. Keep your head up.

  2. I pray that all is well with the rest of your day! Admitting you are wrong is the 1st step and ALWAYS means a lot to the person on the other end. Things will get better in due time…….

  3. i am convinced that there is some planetary retrograde stuff happening that is making quite a few of us lose our minds. the good news is that this stuff doesn’t last long. before you know it, work will be wonderful and your marriage will be great!

  4. Well you are already headed in the right direction..if there’s a problem seek help and you are doing that…

    Poor baby..what was the fender bender about?

    Go B.

  5. Gurl I am going tell you what I told Adrienne this AM (for both me & her!). Get your FULL armor of GOD on gurl! Ephesians 6:10-19

  6. this too shall pass is more than just a notion. .. it’s the truth, so just hang in there and take it one day at a time.

  7. awww..hugz for you!

    i’ll claim today as a better day for you my dear! lol

    work it out with the hubby you don’t wanna be on my side of the fence! πŸ™‚

  8. As heir apparent to the devil I will reprimand those officers when I take over.

    Sucks that your phone is broken. Hope the repair or replacement is quick, cheap, and satisfactory.

  9. Girl, I have had one of those fights w/my honey too. You’re better than me ’cause I could have cared less if I hurt his feelings or not after the fact. lol Some shit just needed to be said. The only thing I was at fault at was not saying anything sooner. Yes, I’m a mess. lol

    It will be alright though. We all have those growing pains in relationships….even when you think you really know you’re mate. You two will weather this storm together and come out great!

    Fender bender? Oh vey! That would have made me hysterical. I hate having any type of car trouble.

  10. I figure that it’s best to understand that life will be filled with injustice, fear, miscues, stubbles and falls. But at the end of the day, life itself is a good thing.

    After all, they say that everything happens for a reason. I suppose the trick is to find out why. But, I always have solace in knowing that tomorrow brings a new day. With the sun, comes a fresh start.

    That’s pretty much how I see it anyway.

  11. I sincerly hope that your day, week, month of September, gets better. Like you said, this too shall pass…Doesnt help a dang bit but it WILL pass.

  12. Text arguments, some ish that makes me want to throw my phone out the window. Now I just ignore ’em.

    When you can admit that it’s your fault, that’s some real talk.

  13. Oooo Weee you cant driiiiive

    5 pounds? For you that’s like 1/3 of an ola right?


    Make it better

    And stop gettin so Text Gangsta!


  14. ::Enters the room, peeps the date on this post, and proceeds to make a quick EXIT **but NOT before saying**::



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