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yellow and gry w/ polka dots…

**** I ordered my t-mobile M1 today.. counting down to 10/22/08****

I should have finished these pants LAST week. Was sewing the waistband and the needle on my sewing machine broke. For whatever reason, i couldn’t find another needle and it took me 4 days to go buy a pack of needles. Only to come home and find a pack. Go figure.

The shirt is the same as the one in this post. The yellow is broadcloth from joann’s. The slacks have this cool herringbone pattern to them. Should have taken a close up pic, don’t feel like doing it now though.

OMG! this pattern (m5323) was Soooooo easy. Took me maybe 3hrs total from cutting the pattern to finish! I will definitely make this one again. Quick and easy makes Patrice a happy girl.
See…That’s my happy face! (a little greasy… but still happy)


  1. Love the happy face and the outfits. I tried to sew ONCE in high school and it was a disastor so it amazes me when someone does it so easy, 3 hours no less…

    I just discovered Joann’s for the first time because of my son’s Family and Consumer Science (PC term for home ec…)class and found out they also carry scrapbook supplies so that will be a new stop for me.

  2. You sure that M5323 is a pattern and not the size of…

    HEY! I like this post, you look good YAY! Patty πŸ™‚

    Way to Channel your inner Kwame


  3. I am itchign for that new t-mobile fphoen too. Once it comes out I am switching over.

    Cute tops.
    Love the happy face.

  4. Wish I could make my own clothes but I don’t know if everyone is ready for the 21st century zoot suit. LOL!

    Like the pants.

    Is it cheaper making it yourself taking into account the labor you put into it?

    You ever make anything with leather or vinyl? What?!

  5. Damn, I’m jealous. Why don’t I have crafty gene? Are those pants wide legs? I’m really feeling the wide legs these days. If I could sew, I wouldn’t be so damn broke shopping all of the time. Love the blouses, I need some of those too. Glad you’re happy again. πŸ™‚

  6. You’re so silly. Lmao at greasy. I love the yellow top, that is too cute. So I’m just wondering when Che’ Patrice Boutique will be opening and will there be a store near me. Lol

  7. Don’tcha just hate it how you always manage to find something AFTER you go out and buy a new one??

    LOL @ (a little greasy…but still happy)! [Hey…that’s all that matters right??]

    Good job on the sewing…as always, it’s a good look :-).

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