It’s how I deal… (updated w pics)

hey Everybody!

Sorry i left that last post on such a down note, but life happens. Thanks so much for all the prayers and condolences. This is why I blog. Sometimes you need folk whispering prayers for you, lifting you up when you feel like letting go. So for everyone that reads this blog (lurkers included) **MUAH** yup i’m just getting down right mushy. lol

And that is ENOUGH mush…

Guess what I did?

Got my hair done.
Got my hair cut.
Got my hair RELAXED!!!


since my phone is in several pieces I couldn’t post a pic FRESH from the hairdresser. I did take some when I got home. I’ll post them in the morning (friday). I just don’t feel like doing it right now.

I LOVE my new hair. 🙂 I look in the mirror and I like the woman that looks back at me. I love me. Even without the hair, I Love Me. More than I love ANYONE else. Not being conceited or whatever. I’m just saying… I think i’m a pretty cool ass chic.

Have yall noticed the trend with me yet?

I get stressed then something happens to my hair. lol

It’s how I deal with life’s issues without self-destructing or being a complete and total bitch.

So ummm this post is all over the place.

i’m tired
going to sleep.. wait going eat FIRST
then going to sleep

… Have a good Friday and i’ll post the hair pics soon as i can.


  1. gurl i do the same thing. when i get stressed either i cut or color. i’m mad you went to the cremy crack though!!!

  2. I love that song and Brown Skin. Anywho, nothing like a fresh do to pick you. A fresh hairdo can rock an outfit. Glad your feeling better.

  3. cute! i’m glad you are loving it. when you are in love with yourself, the whole world falls in love with you too!

  4. Girl, rock that short hair. It looks absolutely great on you.

    I can’t wait until I get tired of mine and cut this off again.

  5. Um, didn’t you have a Dash or something that was basically meant to be in one piece? Damn, you’re hard on a phone. LOL!

    Is that your natural color? Looks nice.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Change is good…even if only cosmetic…

    It’s all about the woman on the inside, and I think she’s pretty cool too. 🙂

  7. I likey the new do!

    Considering I just cut my hair, I know what you mean. Sometimes that’s a form of expression. And if your anything like me, its probably the safest form of expression…


  8. Cute! Look like my short cut hairstyle I had a few years ago. Especially with the little hairs sticking up at the top.

    I think you copied! LMAO!

    Glad to see you are feeling a bit better. It’s nice to have cyber friends to keep you going.

  9. Gurl love all over yourself!

    Your stress could come out in all kinds of way, one of them are cute hair cuts! :o)

    I likey!!

  10. Cute! Hair does matter, that’s for sure. I can’t feel good if my hair doesn’t look right, at least to me, so I get it.

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