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It’s Monday

How was your weekend?

Mine was okay. Didn’t do too much.

Went panty shopping. Gotta love Vickie Secrets 🙂 That was the highlight of my weekend lol

I did a little sewing, not enough to finish anything though.

We went to counseling. It was our last counseling session. 🙂

I spent $317 in one purchase this weekend. AHHHH!!!! ok just kidding lol I don’t regret a single red cent of that purchase.

Nair is your friend. And mine too :p You know if you leave nair on too long, it will burn the mess out of you!

lol Speaking of burning I remember one time my cousin and I were talking about our pubic hair, saying how it would be cool if you could put a perm on it and it have it straight. So me being the Sweet Little Innocent preteen (just go with me lol) that I was DARED her to perm hers. LOL Why did she do it?! OMG! She put it on and all was well for about 3 MINUTES!! That Gentle Treatment started eating her vagina up!!! By the time she got it all rinsed off her p*ssy was FULL OF SCABS!!! I SWEAR it was simply one of THE funniest things i’ve ever seen. She walked funny for weeks!!! lol

One way to know it’s time to push away from the table… When you have to hold on the wall for support b/c you can’t breath and walk at the same time. Not a good look. And while I’m not the smallest person or in the best shape. I can take a flight of stairs without feeling like my lungs are about to collapse. Just saying 🙂

My greatgrandmothers funeral is tomorrow. If you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m not going down. Want to. But not.

I want to go to a football game this year. But I don’t want to go to a Rams game. LOL I may not be a true football fan, but i know the Rams suck a a ball club this year. 🙂

My sup know she can work on my nerves. Don’t ask me how to do something then when I tell you how to do it you say no that’s not right. Why did you ask me if you knew the answer. *rolls eyes*

Putting my earphones in… gotta block out the stupidity in this office.


  1. Nair is NOT my friend…I prefer veet for sensitive skin…it burns less…either way…waxing is my friend.

    You were evil…Gentle treatment and vagina do not mix well! I don’t care what the name of the product says, lol.

    You know, as much as I love football, I have never been to a NFL game…I’ve been to an Arena game, but that does not count as football.

    I did hit up the Texas season opener, and I got tix for 2 more Texas football games this year. Hook’em!

  2. LMAO @ your cousin trying to relax her pubic hair…
    Betchu she won’t EVER try that shyt again!!!

    Girl…Vickie shoulda kept her damn secret cuz since I found about it, I staaaaaaaay broke!!!

  3. I like Veet, no irritation at all. Although you’re not supposed to put Any of that stuff on your coot.

    Uh, why are straight pubic hairs better than curly ones? What you gonna do, style them? That’s some of the dumbest stuff I think I done ever heard, yet it’s funny as hell.

  4. lawdy@the pub perm…you were NOT a good cousin, patrice. smart, though. LOL

    live football is a great experience, but it sucks in a dome. i’ve been to see the falcons only at the dome and it’s like watching a play…i wanna be outside in the elements!

    lmso@realhustla…yeah, why WOULD one want to straighten pub here anyway?!?

  5. That was mean what you had your cousin do. Funny as hell but meant nonetheless. Coochie scabs is not hot at all.

    Nair? Never tried, will have to ask some chicks about it.

    No pictures of said panties? You ever sew any? What? You seem to sew everything else so it’s a fair question.

    I bet they’ve at least won a game this season unlike my local team.

    The stupidity is still on your clothes waiting for you to breathe it in and touch it. LOL!

  6. i like how one of the labels for this post is CROTCH! lol

    I prefer wax but at home the veet does work wonders! 🙂

    happy you and hubby got everything worked out and are now ready to move on with the skills learned in counseling

  7. What’s wrong with you and your cousin? I mean seriously! What the heck were you two thinking? Perming your vaginal hairs has gone too far! Like those women who put the false nails on their toes, only ten times worse! ROFLMAO!

    I’ll bet she was walking funny for weeks!

    I don’t think I will hang out with you anymore. You scare me! LMAO!

    Glad to hear you and Ian are working it out! I hope things are getting better.


  8. YOU IS CRAZY, PATRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are going to lose your job if these folks ever find out you are blasting their asses out. 😉

  9. ok.. why did my sister and i have that same convo about the relaxed pubs!!! we never tried that shit thou!!!

    gurl i know you are hating your sup for doing you like that cause my kids do that shit all the damn time. i feel like poppin them in they mouth. don’t ask me shit since you grown and know everydamnthing! gets on my got dang nerves!

    see i wanna try me some Vikki but she cost to much. and for me being a SAHM with NOWHERE to where Vikki… i can’t rock her.

  10. girl you done depressed me all over again… with that vickie secret tidbit

    I was on the phone with my mom yesterday for an hour talking about it… she is a regional manager for them and is quitting because she got a better job… now wth am I gonna do… her discount was the bomb diggity… I mean she’d been there for like 5 years now so I got used to that discount… I told her she had to think about the family… I mean she has 2 grown daughters for pete’s sake… we need that vicki discount… ugh… I’m so depressed (sigh)

  11. Trice how you gonna have a tag called permed crotch like you need a way to group all your burnt vajayjay stories? You is a fool I swear lololol

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