Simple Bytch (Food Stamp Tales)

See I knew eventually the office stupidity would slap me in the face.

Let me tell yall about THIS bitch!

My issues with this heffa have been mounting since the VERY 1st day I met her little ass.

Lemme give you some backgroundReal quick:
she’s 20 has a 2 year. And a baby daddy.
she’s getting medicaid and childcare for her baby, Food Stamps and TA (cash) for herself and the baby.

When she 1st came in she said she wanted to close her TA.

What that means is they’ve started taking Child Support from baby daddy. So I asked her if she was sure. She said yes. I SHUT THAT BYTCH DOWN. Only it takes 30days to close, so they would still collect child support from daddy for another month. That same day she came in she told me that she had a job and was in school.


I told her I needed her school schedule and a letter from her new job. And that’s when things went downhill.

Little wench starts saying shyt like
“well I don’t understand why you need that”. “that’s stupid” ” Noone else asked me for all that” ” This dont make no sense” etc.

THAT annoys the HELL out of me, especially when i’ve explained Why on such a level that a freaking 2 year old could understand.

So she leaves the office. This was a couple weeks ago. Well she must’ve gotten a letter from child support saying that they would STILL be taking child support b/c she was getting medicaid. (heheh I think i might have forgotten to mention it to her)

So she calls me wanting to know, how she could get medicaid/fs/cc without them taking child support. I told her policy. Unless daddy is in the home, the state MUST collect/or attempt to collect child support from the absent parent.

first she starts the “well why and it don’t make sense bullshit”, THEN she says well he live with me and he been living with me (like dahell I didn’t know that already) so now what?
I told her I would add daddy to the cases and that would stop the child support.

Well who knew daddy was making pretty decent money?! So when I added his income, guess what?

She showed up today, screaming she wanted a new caseworker. So I had my sup come sit downstairs with me. I slowly went over the budgets with her looking on, showed her the policy, advised her that if she quit her job (b/c she said she should just quit so she can get her benefits) that she would be ineligible for ALL benefits for quitting w.o a good reason.

Do you know this SIMPLE BYTCH (SB) called her baby daddy on the phone and said

SB: “yea, They tripping. I guess you gon have to take care of ALL of us” (on phone to BD)
then she turns to us (me and sup)

SB: So what he supposed to do TAKE care of all of us. We not married. shit

sup: Well as long as he’s in the home and you have a child in common he has to be on the case

SB: That don’t make NO sense. That’s stupid!

SB (to BD): They saying you going have to feed all of us. And take care of all of us

SB (to BD): I know this don’t make NO sense. These bytches in here!

me: Oh! I’m sorry!! I didn’t know your mother was here. You know you could have brought her to the back with you.

SB: (looking confused)
me: Oh, I’m sorry I thought you called someone a bytch and I just KNEW you couldn’t have been referring to me. So I just assumed your mother was here.

SB: (storms out)


  1. Love the quick comeback.

    All these FS stories make me think about the people I see that go in and out of the local DHS office here. Just a simple hot damn mess.

  2. Oh how I love food stamp logic. You should know better. That man should not have to pay to feed his kid and his baby mama let alone the rest of the household bills just because he got her pregnant and they live together. It makes perfect sense to me. LOL!

    Could you open up a fraud investigation on her?

    LOL @ your polite way of saying yo mama!

  3. ha!

    And yep…”these bitches” got you ish shut down!

    Simple azz!

    I was wondering why she wanted the child support to stop…and just to think, she would rather quit her job and collect food stamps…but her simple azz failed to understand…no benefits, no child support being taken out by the state, meaning more in his pocket…so I think he should be able to feed yo simple azz.

  4. did you call your supervisor down there to “vertify” what you were saying to the client?
    you know that’s going to be in my head for the next few days!!

  5. My big sis was a social worker, she used to entertain the whole family with tales such as these. I’m glad you shut her down. Some folks are STUCK on simple for life.

  6. OMG… that was just pure comedy! SB told BD that he was going to have to take care of all of them! Wow… the horror of actually having to provide for your own family? Wow.

  7. And THAT is how you lay down the mf’in law!! Go Paj!! Stupid chick deserved what she got. Next time she should try a little thing called common sense! I hope she and that lil Mexican dude that was in there earlier ackin a damn fool have fun rowing down that river called The Nile. bwahahahahahahahah

  8. WTF!!! She stupid. She can’t even tell him to take care of her and the kids, she has to make it like the teacher or boss said so. you know how your coworker come to you and be like – The boss said do xyz, because if it was from them you wouldn’t. The people said you have to take care of us. Just stupid.

  9. lol u shut her down quick. i swear why would she be shackin up wit a dude and he not even tryin to take care of her. Thats stupid

  10. Let me translate in a more professional manner the thoughts of SB:

    “You Simple Caseworker, don’t you know that the government has an obligation to take care of me and my child regardless of that fact that I reside with the child’s father?! You don’t know anything, do you? Do you expect him to take care of all of us? Do you expect me to work as well? My word!”

  11. Chick just couldn’t be happy with the little help she was getting huh??

    Ole ig’nant @ss broad just had to go and get greedy with it.

    I say…it serves her right!!!

    Love how you shut her @ss down though!! LMAO

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