Simple Bytch Pt. 2

This wench just called me, cussed me out and said she was on her way.


She BETTA fix her attitude before she get here. Today is NOT the day!


That is all for now…


  1. I’m glad you have the patience to deal with these people. I’m afraid they would walk all over me…

    I’ll be interested to see what SB has to say today… I bet “the daddy” moved out and now she’s up sh!t creek and has no one to provide for her…

  2. Pajain’t no killa but don’t push her!! LMAO Giiiiiirrrrrllll, I’d have my stapler red ta go for her when she got there! lol lol

    What else is there to discuss? Tell her to go sat (yes sat) her ghetto-countrified @ss down somewhere and get to work!

  3. Hopefully she will have calmed down by the time she gets there…

    If not, I say you CUT HER @SS OFF @ THE THROAT…

    Don’t ask me how I know this but I’m sure it oughta do the trick!!! LOL

    GOOD LUCK and don’t hurt nobody [at least NOT too bad] 🙂

  4. AW suki, suki now!!!

    His ass did not move out, but of course she will say that you all are at fault for him moving out and she needs to be put back on. ya’ll trying to break up a happy home!!

  5. (Repeat after me)

    (repeat till calming effects take over body)

    Please post Part 3 promptly!

    I hate Gheto ho’s!!!!

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