Happy Columbus Day

I am off today! Well i’m off most days, but I’m referring to being off work! WHOO HOO!

Hope you are having a good monday 🙂

I went to the Fashion Show saturday.
Sadly, there were no Apple Bottoms walking the runway at the Apple Bottom show. Sorry Freaky There were however some fione ass menfolk with dreads and chiseled upper bodies 🙂 mmhmmm.
I actually went solo. My friend couldn’t go and backed out at the last minute. I was going to skip it, but said screw it. If I wait on people here to do stuff with me I’ll never do anything.

I was standing at a table drinking my drink, when this lady and her daughter asked if they could share my table. Well we got to talking and before you know it, instead of the SRO (standing room only) ticket I paid for I was sitting in VIP! Geaux Me!

I took a few pics but they didnt come out good at all.

I have a midterm tonight. I need to fix my stomach or it’s going to be a looonnnnng night. lol

Have a good day!

OH! f.y.i. a well timed kegel can break the strongest man down 😉 lol


  1. See, don’t know body care you had the day off…that’s why I worked from home anyhoo…but I was babysitting the girls.

    VIP! Work it! lol

  2. Girl, ain’t it nice to have these bootleg holidays like Columbus day off? I love it!

    LOL@ the Kegel! Did that once and couldn’t figure out how to repeat it to get the response I got from dude! Ain’t nothing like watching a strong man cry! LOL!!

    Enjoy your evening, and go STUDY!!

  3. Ugh, I’m absolutely disgusted. First off why oh why would I want to see men(I’m assuming male models) at an Apple Bottoms show? That’s an erection killer. :o( Isn’t that a female fashion line anyway? No Apple Bottoms at an Apple Bottoms show? That’s just wrong. It’s blasphemy. No wait it’s assphemy!

    Good luck on the midterm.

    You have a good day too.

    I bet it can.

  4. Good luck on the midterm. I hope you do excellent!

    Good for you getting to sit in the VIP section. Nice ab action going on huh? I wish I could have been there.

    I’m glad to hear you went on your own. That’s smart and you don’t miss out on things you want to do.

  5. Sounds like the fashion show was a good look! 🙂

    Oh and about those well timed kegels….

  6. Guess Nelly wasn’t there because I haven’t received an email.

    LOL @ your FYI. That’s why I’m getting my Kegel exercise on as I type.

  7. I seen eva pigford in an applebottom ad one time and lost all faith in their judgement.

    I WILL NOT let you make me think about kegels while I’m at work.that’s just mean

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