a few things I don’t do well…

1. follow rules. I start out with good intentions, but I must admit I get a rush from running right up to the line then backing away. I do at work, at school, at home. lol

2. hide my emotions. They show on my face. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but yea *sings* it’s written all over your face…you don’t have to say a word…

3. Polish my nails. I can NEVER get mine to look as good as Miss Kim and ’em. That really bothers me.

4. hold a grudge. Once I say my piece, i’m done with it.

5. sixty-nine. Not for lack of trying. I just can’t focus while he snacks. LOL

Hope yall have a good thursday! One more day to go 🙂
6 more days until I get my new phone!!


  1. *singing*-we got something in common. lol I can’t think straight either while i’m getting snacked on. lol

    7 days to my birthday! that phone will be my early b-day gift! 🙂

  2. *Taking notes* I’ve pretty much mastered hiding my emotions. You have to know what gets under my skin to have a clue that something even bothers me most of the time.

    You no do nails. Let Kim hook you up. She treat you real good. Real good.

    I hold grudges for years and am willing to wait just as long to get my vengeance. o-:oD

    I’ve always thought that was one of the more impractical positions. Whoever’s better at giving will get gypped in the receiving because the other person won’t know what to do with him/herself. Whatever it is though it won’t be you. LOL!

    I hope I get my phone before the six days. Have you checked yet?

  3. I can’t hide my facial expressions either…I can be talking to a friend on the phone and she will tell me…straighten up your face..loosen up your lips!! 🙂

  4. you will never know how i feel unless i want you to! i am the best at hiding my emotions!!

    shit i haven’t done 69 since… damn… well hell it was before i had children. so its been a long ass time. i like you cannot concentrate. i don’t want nor like to do that anyway so it doesn’t get done… but feel free to have his snak!!! ha ha… thats so wrong but hey thats me.

    why you no polish??? i can hold a grudge forever if need be. but i’ve gotten better at just letting some shit go. it just depends on how bad i’m hurt or irritated.

    how long does it take to get a damn phone… what are they really doing? going out and making each part. damn!

  5. who was laughing their azz off at the last one was me,lol

    ohhh my goodness.

    yeah i dont like people to tell me what to do

    and i dont like clingy people.

    hate those two with a passion!!!

    now email for i come over there. im in a better mood today. i had to delete all my email so i dont have your email anymore. sorry:(

  6. You know you are special..with a capital S. LMAO
    Confession: I can’t hide my feelings either..if I don’t like you, you will know it. And on the phone..people tell me my voice is dry and I talk faster..trying to get yo azz off my phone..eehh

  7. HA! You are mess!
    Try snacking on your “side” ;o) It works out better! LOL

    And yeah Ms. Kim and put down the french for me! Other than that I got it! ;o)

  8. Agreed @ 2, 3 & 5. Especially 5! I mean it starts off well enough, but we can't both be champs. That's why I like to do my… job first and enjoy being snacked on later.

  9. I’m just the opposite as far as holding a grudge and hiding my emotions go.

    Got them both down to a science!! {LOL}

    I feel where you’re coming from in terms of keeping the focus while getting the business.

    Girl I be gone too!!

  10. I am no good on the 69 either.I need time to feel and enjoy what’s going on and I can’t do that while I’m rocking your socks too.

    I wish I couldn’t hold a grudge but alas I still get pissed at this kid who lost my ninja turtle in third grade.I’m serious, I do

  11. we have so much in common….

    i always get told to ‘fix your face’ ‘stop looking like that’
    but i say hey, if you need to know how you look, look at me face!!!

  12. dead dead dead dead dead dead at 69… I’m bout to go to church and now you got all these devilish thoughts in my head.. ha!

  13. Girl, your too funny. I feel the same about 69. My focus goes STRAIGHT out the window. LMAO

    I wish I COULD hide my emotions more. People can see them written ALL OVER my face when I pissed, irritated or if I just DON’T like someone or something. Never mastered the poker face.

  14. Girl! you had me CRACKING up! and you know I’m at these peoples job… supposed to be working not reading blogs! LOL

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