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Good Morning! Happy Monday 🙂

Had to share this with yall….

Seeing a client she came in the office to bring her acceptance letter for a job. WHOOOHOOO!! We like jobs around this piece. She actually got a decent job too.. Mon-Fri, $10/hr, 40hrs/wk, WITH benefits.

Anywho, I put her income in and I tell her

me: Ok, your benefits will be $756/mo from now on.
her: Blank Stare
me: Did you hear me?
her: How much?!
me: $756/mo
her: oh…. ok. Starting in November?
me: No it starts this month. October
her: Damn, that’s messed up!
me: wow! $756 worth of tax free food is messed up. Oh OK.
her: *looking REALLY sad* i’m just saying
me: we’ll your benefits only went down like $90 and you have a job making $400/wk.
her: oh, it’s still messed up.
me: *rolling eyes* *deep sigh* Do you have ANY more questions.
her: No
me: well i’m done, you’re free to leave

Was I wrong for wanting to punch her in the face and call her an ungrateful bytch?


Have a GREAT Day!


  1. i hate that shit. like why the fuck do she need damn near $800 a month when a chic like me would be happy wit $50. Damn maybe i need to move down there. Shit when i was workin at the bank i made 350 every 2 weeks and these niggas would only give me 60 a month. Now they wont even look at me. matter of fact i just got a denial letter so its time to put in a new app anyway

  2. I think I would have had to let her know that all some people have to live on is that $400 a week…no free food…nada…

    folks need a reality check…her head is what’s messed up.

  3. Does she have a man? I want to pimp her out of her food stamps. What?!

    I wonder how long it will take her to quit so she can get her $90 in stamps back? Considering how much more money she has coming in, even after taxes, she’s still making out pretty well.

    I wish I could get what she was getting without having a bunch of snot noses running around the place.

    You’re only wrong if you get caught or she hits you back harder. LOL.

  4. Heck NO!! People like that make me SICK!! Hell, the average person that work everyday making more than $10.00 and hour don’t spend almost $800.00 a month on food. Maybe, I need to quit my good gov and move to Missouri to collect. When can I get my first food stamp check?! Give me some of my tax dollars back….make me sick

    You done messed up my day..Bet that heifa keep her job like a week just to gain that $90.00 back. Let me get off line..make me sick!!

  5. Uh, how many kids you gotta have to get that much in food stamps. Dam. Can I get some? Gimme $150.

    Like Judge Judy told somebody once. You’re sewing because he spent money you were setting aside for xmas presents, welfare money. While the rest of have to use our cash for necessities like heat, water, groceries. Your WELFARE money is extra, so you can set it aside.

  6. If she don’t want ’em I will GLADLY take that off her hands. I can’t stand folks that continue to dwell in the land of n*ggadome.

  7. Girl, I would love to be able to get some stamps. I got hungry people in my house to feed too! I mean, WOW!! $756 a month in stamps! i would love to get just $200 to help me out! Sheesh, NYC don’t give no handouts like that! Working and still getting, she is so ungratefully blessed!

  8. Yes,
    I believe so…you were a little harsh. Sometimes people have been on the system a little too long, and they don’t know how the real world works. Sometimes we have to exercise patience, and understanding in certain matters. It didn’t sound like the others who have been mentioned on your site…they really did deserve it…but the deep sighs could have meant she thought she would have more time to get things together for her and her family…sometimes it takes putting ourselves in their shoes for a few minutes…

  9. damn what kind of job she get… i’ll take that mug and get the hell outta here… can u sign me up for food stamps!!! oh and can i get child support if i’m not divorced???
    just playing.. not really but whatever!

    i’ll take 756 in food stamps. shit.

  10. WOW! How many people is she feeding off of $750+ a month in groceries? Maybe she was going to have a big Halloween party and needed to get a few more chicken platters?

  11. That girl is definitely on some other stuff. She’s working and getting hella aid and still complaining.some people are just never happy

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