I have questions…

I hope you have answers…

~ why do people make excuses instead of just saying no?

~ How often do you wash your sheets? I’ve been washing mine a lot lately. A whole lot!

~ Why did LeAnn win Project Runway? I mean her line was good, but Korto was better. imo

~ Why does seeing Ian fixing shit around the house turn me on?

~ Why isn’t it good to drink alone? Does drinking and talking on the phone/internet, count as drinking alone? lol

~ Is it bad that I one of my reasons for watching football is to watch the men in tights?

~ Is it bad that I want to go camp out at the UPS to wait for my phone? lol

~ Isn’t Dolce de Leche the best ice cream EVER? mmmm caramel

~ Doesn’t dolce de leche, sound like something you would whisper in your man’s ear, and cause an instant hard on?

~ Did you know confessions are the shit? VERY liberating 🙂

Have a good day 🙂


  1. Let’s start from the top.

    People like to play mind games

    Stop bragging!

    LeAnn was innovative. I really liked her collection. I thought she should have won.

    You’re a big freak! That’s why! Ian breathing turns you on!

    When you drink alone your mind goes into dark places no one should go alone.

    No, it isn’t a bad thing. It just a part of your freakiness.

    I surprised you have time to camp out or even think about that darn phone!

    I totally agree with you on the Dulce de Leche ice cream. It’s my all time favorite! Have you tried Haagen Daz Bananas Foster? A very close second for me!

    That’s just the big ole freak in you coming out! I think you can make anything sound sexy. It really depends on how it is said!

    I’m not open enough for confessions. I think I may lose my mind if I confront them! LOL!

  2. see that is the reason why i dont ask anyone to do things for me!! cause they be with that bullshyss!!!

    yeah and like cas says. stop bragging heiffer

    i thought korto was the best but evidently they didnt see it that way. but ohhh well she will get far cause her clothes are the shyss and she is very jazzy!!

  3. Excuses don’t explain and explanations don’t excuse. In short it’s easier and usually doesn’t require them to explain the no.

    Not as often as you apparently.

    Don’t have a clue who either are.

    Methinks watching him club baby seals would turn you on. LOL

    Mind goes to dark places and potential sign of alcohol problems. Yeah, it kind of does.

    Yes it is. You should be ashamed! Nah, whatever floats your boat. One of the reason why I like watching most female sports is because of their uniforms.

    Nope, you wouldn’t be alone camping out.

    Um no.

    Yes it does.

    Actually, I did.

    You too. Enjoy the phone.

  4. ~ I dunno
    ~ Probably as much as you 🙂
    ~ *mental image lol*
    ~I do just fine drinking alone lol
    ~NO! LOL
    ~What time did you write this? LOL
    ~I’ve never had it…will get some on the 6th lol
    ~*mental image lol*
    **singing…..these are my confessions……**


  5. ~it makes more since to have a reason rather than just saying no… doesn’t make it right though

    ~apperently no often enough…

    ~i don’t watch this show

    ~yeah that used to work for me now i don’t care

    ~ ain’t nothing wrong with getting your drinky drank on my yourself. i do it all the time!

    ~ nope

    ~ um yes!

    ~yes it does

    ~ depends

    ~ uh no!

  6. Stay out of my brain! I have been overdosing on Dolce de leche for the past week! I finally got a nice dairy headcold from it yesterday and thought I was going to die! Leaving that stuff alone (until next summer).

  7. My sheets stay clean for a good little while.

    This is why I drink alone.

    I thought your phone was supposed to come out today.

  8. I drink alone sometimes and don’t see a problem with it.

    My sheets aren’t getting washed enough. I want to wash my sheets everyday! **pouting**

    Dulce de Leche ice cream is the bomb. One night, I sat up and ate the whole thing.

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