Good morning!

I’m going to keep this post short. It’s been an odd week for me. But things are looking up. 🙂

My mom went “missing” but was found. When I got the call it freaked me the hell out. Then she surfaced a the next afternoon. I was pissed. She was nonchalant. My aunt was distraught. Ian said “you can’t save them everytime. They are grown”

Sometimes I feel like the lone sane one in the family. Especially since not even 2 weeks prior to that it took a phone call to me in stl, to tell them to call the ambulance. After my mom had been sick for 10days.


Work has been good. This week has been a good work week. Clients are behaving sensible. Praise God.

School has been good. Ian and I have been kicking ass and taking names. No seriously. We have nothing less than a B in the Johnson home. Midterm grades are in and done. We both are taking full caseloads (5 classes) and working fulltime. Its tough but we goals that reach farther than DFS and PEPSI. Whoohoo. We are trying to get scholarships mext semester.

I am so grateful for blogger friends. Adrienne, Stacey, and Keli have been my sounding boards when shit gets rough. Can not wait until I can meet y’all. I Love you.

Imet blogger/twitter Suiteb yesterday, she was so nice and generous. She gave me 2 tickets to see Brian Stokes Mitchell. Y’all, already know my ears tend to be more on the n*gga side of the street. Ian is muvh much more open musically than I am. But I really enjoyed myself. Ian really enjoyed himself. Thanks again Suiteb for a new experience. 🙂

I know I said I was going to keep this brief.

I’ve been busy. ‘Ife has been happening.

This weekend , I’m going to catch up on some sschoolwork and BLOGS. Lol I need to catch up on what’s going on with y’all.

And I am tremendously enjoying my phone. G1 aka Dream. Freaky are you still molesting mimi? Lol

** on my last tales from the fs office post I had a few lurkers come out og hiding. Hey! Thanks for dropping in and saying something :)**


  1. I’m glad your week is on the upswing. I’m with Ian, you can’t always save family…just be there when they need you (with limits :). Brian Stokes Mitchell is not really my cup of tea either, but I have seen him in a couple of musicals and he does have an amazing voice and presence.
    And much congratulations on your scholarly household!


    aiight, now that i’ve stopped whining…

    congrats on getting the good grades! you and ian are an inspiration!

    glad your momz was found. too bad she was lost in the first place. man, just know you’re not the only one with crazy fam…

    have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    I really want to know where your mother was and why it took 10 days for and a call from you to get help…that would make me want to slap somebody.

    Your hubby works for Pepsi?…he better not have my old job. I miss my Pepsi family and I swear the first chance I get I’m making my way back over to PAS…miss all that free soda and water

  4. You and Ian keep up the good work, more motivation for me to get my lazy tail back in school.

    What’s up with the momz?

    Man! I am so jealous of you and your G1. I want one so bad, what’s the best thing about it so far?

  5. congratulations to both you and hubby for doing so great with your studies! And you are not alone…my family is ‘out there’ too!

  6. Congrats on the smart household.

    Family…can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

    Between you and Freaky, I don’t know whose the worse when it comes to that G1. (yeah I’m hating b/c I want one)

  7. Glad your mom is okay. With the family acting like they are maybe she needs an advocate or something.

    Your hubby’s right. Can’t save’em all.

    The day isn’t over yet and it’s Friday so maybe some of the nutjobs will come calling you at the job.

    Mimi is worn out and recuperating at the moment. I’ll have at her some after she’s recharged and rested.

    @ Southern quit hating and join the team. You too can become a G1 G. LOL!

  8. I tell ya…I’m begining to think that having a normal family ISNT normal anymore….sort of that ‘its not me, its them’ kind of thought process.

  9. Hang in there girl.. oh btw.. you neva have just a few words. There always has to be one sane one in the family.

  10. that is scary… even if my mom was missing for an hour I would freak out… glad she is safe and sound

    and awwweee you met suite b… that chick came to nyc and was in and out so quick I didnt get a chance to

  11. You and Ian are doing your thing in school! Keep up the good work. You guys are ging to get to those dreams and beyond! School starts for me next week, thanks for the inspiration!

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