while waiting…

On my next appointment to show, I figured i’d blog the time away.

~ I’m feeling quite cute today. So cute that I wish I was out having brunch opposed to being in the office.

~ lady at work has on White knee boots. Personally, I think white knee boots are for dancing girls and majorettes. *shrugs* to each his on

~ I wish their was someplace near my job I could get a good bowl of gumbo. That’s what I want for lunch.

~ I had a small tiff with my supervisor today. *rolls eyes*

~ Nuef Jours!

~ *yawn*

~ I need a mani/pedi. But will wait til this weekend 🙂

~ question: if its cold enough for boots, isn’t it too cold for open toes? Those peep-toe boots confuse me.

~ they just paged Patricia B, my heart jumped, I wasn’t ready to finish my blog. Lol

~ *sings* say you…. say me…. say it together… *mumbles incoherently* I don’t know the rest of the lyrics. Lol

~ Know whose cd I’ve fallen in love with all over again? Joss Stone. Girl can sing.

~ My G1 (Dream) has an app called My Closet. You take pictures of all your clothes shoes accesories. And daily you coordinate your outfit from your phone. It tracks what you wear on a calender. I uninstalled it. Lol

~ I’m going to call Ian see if he wants to meet me for lunch. Coughoranoonercough

~ my client is 22mins late. Smh

~ Kim blogged. Lol after sending threatening text messages

~ I want to go home for thanksgiving. But I won’t. I am supposed to drive up to Chicago, early december to look @ grad schools with my bff. I’m looking forward to that. Not looking forward to being beat up by the wind in chicago. Lol

~ My 10:00 just showed. I’m going to see if my 10:30 is going to be on time, and take her 1st. 2minutes and counting..

Hope your Tuesday is a good one 🙂


  1. Dressin up does make you want to go out and show it off rather than sitting around the office all day. lol

    *chants* Nooner, Nooner, Nooner, Nooner

    WHAT?! I’m just makin my vote known. lol Have fun!

  2. white boots…might as well have placed a used condom on her bosom. ewww…

    glad u feeling cute. i’m just feeling bloated. flo is a bitch, but i’m glad she’s here 🙂

  3. NO, NO, NO to the white knee boots.

    I don’t play when it comes to dealing with DHS, I make sure I am early. You justified my reason even more on being early.

    I’m in the chant line with Ar GAl about the nooner.

  4. I like knee high and thigh high boots. They’re hot. If she’s hot please take pictures and send them. Thanks.

    You don’t like coordinating all of your clothes and seeing the last time you wore a combo? I didn’t know My Closet was that involved. I’m finding all kinds of cool, weird, and/or totally useless apps everyday.

    How bout eating while having a nooner? What?! Maybe I’m just hungry. LOL

  5. How does that appliction work again? You must have to take pictures of everything one by one.. why did you uninstall it ..sounds cool to me!

    Hope Ian meets you for lunch… How sweet!

  6. I despise all white shoes.

    Why you delete My Closet? I would have fun with that application. **cussing out Sprint for not having the G1**

  7. Who is Patty B?

    I look cute today to…well I at least feel cute…met a friend for lunch…not that friend, and had a nice time.

    Let us know what you had for lunch.

  8. i hate white shoes… unless they are sneakers… but still not so much. besides its pass labor day.. she ain’t supposed to be wearin them shits till spring. chi town for grad school… hows that gonna work? u leaving Ian here?

  9. I also don’t understand peep toe boots. I mean what season are they? Well they are cute nonetheless, but high high white boots (I’m just going to go out on a limb and say al white boots) are a no-no! Come on now…we must overcome!

  10. *you didn’t text me today
    *not too sure about the open toe thing either….there was a girl at work with open toe shoes on but yet wrapped up in a coat an scarf…go figure
    *I don’t like white boots either
    *how was lunch…lol

  11. No to the white boots… Sounds like a costume. If I could blog at work, I would be so happy. Did you find Gumbo for lunch. What’s the name of the sugary sweet dough stuff you told me about. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

  12. you can stop all that damn coughing and get that nooner for the both of us! lol girl you are a mess!

    why would you uninstall that application?!? girl when i get my phone on friday that is going to be the first thing i pull up! lol thanks for the heads up.

    who comes 30 mins late to receive some assistance?….smh

  13. White Knee Boot lady – Maybe she is a Majorette or couldn’t make it home from the club before work. Don’t be hatin’, go break yours out!

    Nerf shoes? Dahell?

    *SMH* @ you not knowing the words

    Now i know there’s got to be an app you’ve installed that you do like. How bout talking about that one, Seafood plate?

    Hope you were the lunch that you really wanted. lol

  14. I am so hatin’ on you right now b/c of your G1. I called my carrier and I would have have to pay $379since I started a new contract… dagnamit…lol

    Speaking of white boots, my sister had her wedding at my house last year in and I was peering over the banister to make sure all was clear before my sister headed downstairs. Well, all I see are some white boots, of course the first thing out of my mouth was Who ‘n Hell is wearing hooker white boots…lol.

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