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Seeing as its halloween and all, I figured i’d share some of my freaky tales. Get your minds out the guttah. Not THOSE freaky tales (although they are numerous). What I’m going to share is something that to this day still freaks me dahell out.

Deja vu by definition is. The illusion of having previously experienced something being encountered for the 1st time.

Well my earliest recollection of deja vu happened when I was 10 or 11. I was sitting in the drive way with my friends. And I said.. yall , this has happened before. They all rolled there eyes and said whatever. I was, ok don’t believe me…. watch my momma call me for the phone. Sure enough, my momma walked out onto the porch and yelled for me to come get the phone. My daddy was calling. Strangely enough that night, when I was on the way back to rejoin my friends,. A car pulled up and men jumped out with guns. I ran and hid behind a neighbors house until they finished robbing my friends and left. No one was hurt. They just took jewelry and money.

Once we were on the way from school on the bus headed back to our high school (I took all my math & science classes at a college instead of my h.s.). When I said, OH! We’re going to be late the bridge is out. The bus driver told me shut the hell up and let him drive. My friends we like “here she go again, seeing shit brfore it happens”. I just shrugged. We get to the bridge sure enough the bitch was out. And we were late.

We were at a dance, when the dance let out my cousins were trying to get me to go walk to this park with them and some guys. I got that feeling and was like.. NO!!! We are not going. They got pissed called me a punk. When we got home I told them that I dreamed someone got killed at the park. They laugh AT me. Next morning, everyone is crying at school. Guy was killed at the park.

I had this boyfriend. His name was Jacob his bestfriends name was Charlie. They were inseperable. Charlie dated my best friend cille. Well one sunday Cille and I were supposed to go uptown and chill with them. For whatever reason we ended up not going. And strangely, they never called that day. We were both pissed bc they hadn’t called. I went home that night. Dreamed that they’d had been murdered. Woke up the next morning, I call cille tell her about the dream. She had been around me enough to know it was cause for concern. We got to the college for math and science, and everyone is asking us how we are doing. We get called into the office, where we are told that Jake and Charlie were murdered. The exact way it happened in my dream.

Just recently, I dreamed my momma was dying. Woke up the next morning to my grandmother and aunts calls that she was unresponsive. I didn’t blog in detail abt it, but my mom hadn’t been taking her meds and instead of them making her go to the dr. They allowed her to lay sick for 10 days. Her body was shutting down. She was dying.

Had another dream recently, that I was looking for my momma and couldn’t find her. I woke up thr following day to a tearful phone call from my aunt that my mom was missing. I mentioned it in a blog.

It’s not just me, with this gift/curse of seeing shit before it happens.. my greatgrandmother that passed this month. She could see. When I got hit by a car the 1st time. She told my momma not to worry, she dreamed that angels carried me in the air and broke my fall. I didn’t not break a bone, barely had a scratch on me.

When I got into the fight, that ended up with my getting stabbed. My ggmother told me earlier that day, stay inside and watch my temper. Not only did I NOT stay inside I SNAPPED. Ended up getting stitches and 2 permanent scars.

It happens. It FREAKS me out. I HATE dreaming because of it. And I rarely tell people when I have deja vu moments and I have them often. I call it a gift and a curse, bc iit has saved my ass literally time and time again but I hate being shown shit beforehand and being powerless to change anything.

If I scared anyone, my apologies. Just figured halloween was the appropriate time for this freaky tale.


  1. ok wow. my mom does this too. She will write down her dreams, date them, put them in envelopes and seal them. WHen they come to pass, she shows all of us. It’s kinda freaky.

  2. i have a cousin that has the gift of sight but hers comes when she around that person. she has seen some things about me but has yet to tell me… kind of pissed me off. but whatever. i don’t dare go around her now…. she’ll tell all my secrets!! there is a blind lady in KCMO that my family knows that has the gift of tru sight. she amazes me. i wish i could do that. but thats probably why i can’t. i was told my oldest son has it… i haven’t seen that manifest yet.

  3. I dream about things before they happen. I don’t really remember it until I have some kind of contact with that person. Seems like I don’t remember it until it’s about to happen. I’ve had dreams about people before I’ve met them. Strange as it may sound sometimes I’ve dreamt about comments I get on blog and sure enough they appear on my blog verbatim. I wish I was more in tune with it. My mom has dreams like that too.

    Damn, you’ve been stabbed? Is that something you’ve blogged about?

    Cool post, it was definitely freaky. Now when can we get one of THOSE freaky tales? What?!

  4. I have had deja vu moments, but more of thinking of the person praying for them and then realizes why I was praying.

  5. Hmmm, I’m gonna start doing what Adrienne’s mom does. I dream this way sometimes, not often. What’s strange is that I just had one last night.

    Problem is, that I dream about people that I’m not particularly close to. I don’t ever feel comfortable about telling them about dreams that concerned them which were in very great detail.

    For example, why did I dream that a certain blogger’s girlfriend became a porn star? I’ve never even met this person in real life.

    This is why I don’t talk about it often because it’s weird and intrusive.

  6. i definitey see why you call it a blessing and a curse. are they always showing something negative? 🙁
    i’ve had these types of dreams before but never to predict bad stuff

  7. I know someone who see things before they happen. I also wondered why some people were chosen for this.

  8. i’m not freaked out at all by that kinda stuff and i definitely wouldn’t call it a curse. i used to have a lot of deja vus when i was younger and my intuition was off the chain. like you said, your second sight has saved your (and your loved one’s) ass more than a few times. embrace it girl!

  9. I have dejavu as well but nothing this intense…

    I did dream about my exboyfriend before meeting him…which freaked me out once I met him…

    my issue is more so dealing with sprits…not at the level of the 6th sense, but I have seen dead people…usually it’s a calming feeling, as though I have a guardian angel…but other times, I am not going to lie…they have me shaken…and other times, I might sense an uneasy presence in a building or room and have to leave.

  10. Wow! I have moments of deja vu but they are minor things. Just the feeling I’ve been there before. It comes like a wave. Sometimes I dream about people and something is going on with them. Nothing detrimental to their lives though.


  11. I’ve had ‘deja vu’ moments like this since I was young. I still have them today. Like a previous poster I also feel the presence of spirits sometimes. I’m a VERY scary person so the spirits freak me out MAJORLY! I used to ignore my dreams, but I try to focus and gain insight from them now. It amazes me how members of a family share this gift. My great grandmother has this gift. She described my husband to me when I was in 8th grade down to what he’d be wearing! She told me how many kids we’d have and what his profession would be. I met him when I was a freshman in college and ran like hell when I had that ‘ah ha’ moment! We are one kid short of what she saw (hubby is pushing for another…..HARD!!) and he does work in the healthcare industry.

  12. Yeah, I have moments of deja vu, and I dream every night, but not to the point where I see something happen before it actually does.

    That is freaky!

    And everything you foresaw was a “warning” of some kind about something bad. Wonder why you don’t see good things to come?

    I’m sure there’s a REAL good reason for that.

    Welp, Happy Halloween!

  13. I’ve been through this myself before…

    A couple times in my past I’ve gotten that nagging feeling or I’ve had a dream or a sense that I’ve been a certain place before…

    It’s saved my ass quite a few times.

  14. Honey, you have the gift of Prophesy. My brother has this gift. Truly embrace it. God doesn’t grant this to everyone. He gave me the gift of discernment, and I use the HELL out of that gift. 😉

  15. You definitely have a gift, and you have it strong too! I don’t have “sight”, but I can “feel” those closely around me. I have felt the good vibes (knowing they are safe, on their way, etc) and I have felt the bad (cheating, in danger, etc) and twice, in two relationships, I begged God to take my gift/curse from me regarding that person because it hurt too much!

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