I have a date…

Ok.. so I had this grand plan to sew the weekend away. Well I have absolutely NO mojo. So, I’m waiting for Ian to get home so I can go shopping… for clothes… I haven’t done that is SUCH a long time. But, it is what it is… Hopefully, i’ll run into my lover Mr. Clarence, and before you get all riled up. Ian is perfectly okay with me spending time with Mr. Clarence. :p

OH! speaking of Ian.
Ian deleted his blog… he says it was an accident… *giving his ass the side-eye*. Anywhoo, if you care to, here’s a link.

hmmmm, That’s all folks!

Have a great weekend!!!!

FIVE FREAKING DAYS!!!!! whooo hooo


  1. I made the blog roll, yay me!

    What kind of clothes are you shopping for?

    Thanks, you have a great weekend too.

  2. @ Adrienne – Haha! So true!! LOL

    I lurve Mr. Clarence too! :o) Work it out gurl! It is so much quicker and easier to just buy the stuff these days than sit here knitting or sewing them! Ugh!

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