Happy Birthday Adrienne!



I am so glad to have *met* you. You have truly become one of my best-est friends in such a short period of time. You know more about me than people who have known me all my life. You’re an inspiration to me. The love and care that you pour into your husband and kids is astonishing. You’re a kick-ass business woman!

You give the best e-hugs and you’ve been a friend to me during some of my rough patches. You let me call and cry. You listened and didn’t judge.

You’re a gem of a woman.

And I thank God for you daily.

Soooo…. Even though I’m not there to eat cake, drink drinks, kiss cheeks, and give hugs on your born day. Please know that I Love You and I’m wishing you the BEST birthday today.


P.S. Happy Birthday Andre.


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