i should be sleep…

instead I’m awake watching Talk Soup on E! I’m sure I will pay for this insomnia later.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty chill. We went to Dave n Busters friday night, saturday we shopped, and yesterday ran errands.

I have a slight case of heartburn 🙁

And for whatever reason, I’m getting network errors when I try to access the web from my phone. Right now I’m I’m using the wireless connection from the house. I guess ill have to call t-mobile.

My grandmother used to say ain’t nothing open @ 3am besides legs and liquor stores. Ladies aren’t out their house at 3am. Do ya hear me? Lol i’d say yes ma’am.

Its 3am,,, my legs are closed. So take that grandma!

Sometimes you have to let stuff go. There isn’t time to give explanations. You just have to walk away and not look back.

Lol I dreamed earlier, that I was a drug lord running a block of drug houses (ala nino brown). Must have been something I ate, because I watched 27 dresses (again) before I went to bed.

*sings* bennie bennie and the jets

I listened to Jasmine Sullivans disk. I like it.

Sometimes when Ian gets to snoring… I want to elbow him in the throat. Not saying i’d ever do it… but I’m just saying.

We vote tomorrow!!! You’re an asshole if you don’t vote.

I watched One Miss Call earlier. I didn’t know Megan Good made a cameo in it. To say she’s such a tiny girl, she is really curvy.


Ok I guess I’m getting tired again. Good ni..well good morning 🙂


  1. Get a bottle of tylenol PM for those nights when you can’t sleep, but just take 1. Otherwise you will be groggy if you have to get up early the next morning, works wonders for me!

  2. tooo funny at you wanting to elbow Ian in the throat. Girl I used to jugg my ex in the side. That got his azz to shut up real quick. at least until i fell asleep,lol

    yeah i will be voting tomorrow and I cant wait. Hopefully we will make history!!!

    crazy azz dream. how come i woke up to humping the sheets. i was like damn i need some sex bad,lol

  3. Lol I dreamed earlier, that I was a drug lord running a block of drug houses (ala nino brown). Must have been something I ate, because I watched 27 dresses (again) before I went to bed<–u know how ur dreams seem to come true lol

  4. Your grandmother was right. I’m telling!

    You seem to accidentally attempt to kill your hubby so I’m sure one day you’ll have a freak pillow accident and he’ll wake up with a throat full of feathers or something.

    Did you call T-Mobile about the problems? Fortunately, I’m not having it. Only problem I have is that 3G keeps coming in and out and that my phone won’t connect to my home network. It’s working on someone wireless network so for the moment I don’t care. LOL

    Quit yawning before you pass it on.

  5. I was fast asleep when this post went up…and my legs were closed at 3am, only because know one was knocking on the door to open ’em…I’m just saying…

  6. you probably just closed them damn legs @ 2:59a and that is why Ian was snoring so damn hard! lmao!

    happy Monday girlie!

  7. I think I was out at 3am but am mad that I had the opportunity to sleep in today since I’m off, and was up at 4:30. UGH!!!!

  8. I was up too!….Couldn’t sleep..
    I wrote s post, drank some oj and then channel surfed a bit..I’m amazed at all the light porn that’s on TV late at night…

  9. I watched ’27 Dresses’ three times this weekend. I love those types of movies *wipes tear from brow*

    I’ve only heard a few songs from Jazmine’s cd. You wanna guess what my favorite song is? YEP, “Bust your windows”…LOL! My hubby thinks it’s very odd that I like this song. He bet’not screw up or he’s gonna find out just how much I like it!

    Maybe the time change threw off your sleeping pattern. I’m still trying to recover.

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