i did it…

Did you?
I voted on my way to work this morning. The line wasn’t long but it took a long time. I was glad I had my earplugs with me. I listened to music on my G1 while I waited. I had to catch myself though a few times I started singing out loud. Lol not a good look.

So far today I’ve eaten a cup of lasagna, 2mini packs of skittles, and a cobblestone muffin. Well balanced breakfast? I think not.

I just took my blood pressure medicine. I needed it a couple of hours ago. My head is killing me.

Last I checked I had 29 unread blogs in my “must read” folder. What are y’all talking about?! Lol guess I gotta read to find out huh ๐Ÿ™‚

Ian is a really good guy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him. Then I realize that, we deserve each other. I think we are a really good match. Except for those time when I want to DDT his ass, or he wants to bust my head to the white meat. Lol

It’s time for lunch, I don’t have an appetite.

I have jasmine sullivan and jodeci on repeat.

A client called and asked if she could come in to see me. I asked her if she had voted. She said no. So I told her no. Go vote then come see me.

Was I wrong? Yep. Do I care? Nope

Aite folks take care.
I’ll talk to y’all. Later, like when we have a black man as President of the United States!


  1. LOL @ your refusing that chick from coming to see you because she hadn’t gone out to vote….

    Yep…that oughta get more people to the polls!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. lol @ go vote then come see me.

    I voted this morning…took all of 30 mins.

    Yep…you have to read folks blogs to know what’s up…you can’t just get a summation in the comments.

  3. ~I voted!!

    ~You need to eat right. When I make it big, Imma get you a personal chef.

    ~Take your meds ON TIME PLEASE!?

    ~Ian is i-ight…Oh..HEY IAN! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ~You crazy.

  4. I went to vote in the morning, I actually ended up voting in the afternoon. :o( I brought my G1 along with me too. I just read e-mail, IMed, and sent tweets. I really have to put some music on this thing. Fortunately, there was eye candy aplenty to keep my mind off most things.

    What you know about the DDT? LOL

    Yes that was wrong. Watch McCain win MO by one vote because you made your client mad. LOL! I’m surprised you had to work today. Here they get Election Day off for every Presidential election.

  5. I voted before work, I only had to stand in line for about 25 minutes…not bad at all. Of course, I would’ve stood in line all day if I had to.

    Girl, you are so funny – I’m tickled pink about your comment to your client. LOL

    Sorry, I haven’t been commenting – I have been all out of sorts since my computer funked up at work and I haven’t been on the computer too much at home lately. I’m trying to catch up with everybody.

  6. Whew…lady I tell you my stomach is in knots…eating every piece of Halloween candy in the house.

  7. It is so hard to keep up with reading blogs. I know I feel like that, especially now that I spend my days off with my family and Lord knows i can’t read blogs at work. If only I could.

    “a cup of lasagna”? Really?

  8. Patrice:

    I SO love you because you’re like – you keep it REAL. Did your client vote? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    How’s school?

    Girl, take your meds CORRECTLY!!!

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