Spineless BITCH!

A client called asking for an ebt card I tried to send it. Being fuking nice. Couldn’t because the case was in a different caseload and didn’t have a mailing address. I sent the fucking worker an email telling the new mailing address and asking her to update it and send a new card.

She replied asking how it got in her load.

I responded “hell if I know. I would do it myself but we different sup 3’s.”

That bitch forwarded the email to her sup, my sup, and their sup 3’s.

I got wrote up for inapproriate use of language in an email.

I HATE passive agressive, spineless, weak ass fucking people.

So after I signed my write up. I walked my ass to her cube and told the bitch “I apologize if my email OFFENDED you.” Do you know the bitch said “oh no, I thought it was fraud so I sent it my supervisor to handle.”

BULLSHIT. This fucking client was homeless. They can change their mailing address 50times in a day if they want to b.c it’s a MAILING ADDRESS.

So I told her that and walked off.

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  1. Oh hell to the no. Somebody would have got their ass beat that day cause we would have been kung fu fightin and it would be fast as lightning

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