Spineless BITCH!

A client called asking for an ebt card I tried to send it. Being fuking nice. Couldn’t because the case was in a different caseload and didn’t have a mailing address. I sent the fucking worker an email telling the new mailing address and asking her to update it and send a new card.

She replied asking how it got in her load.

I responded “hell if I know. I would do it myself but we different sup 3’s.”

That bitch forwarded the email to her sup, my sup, and their sup 3’s.

I got wrote up for inapproriate use of language in an email.

I HATE passive agressive, spineless, weak ass fucking people.

So after I signed my write up. I walked my ass to her cube and told the bitch “I apologize if my email OFFENDED you.” Do you know the bitch said “oh no, I thought it was fraud so I sent it my supervisor to handle.”

BULLSHIT. This fucking client was homeless. They can change their mailing address 50times in a day if they want to b.c it’s a MAILING ADDRESS.

So I told her that and walked off.


  1. hell if I know” is REALLY not THAT bad…

    Now had you said “f**k if I know [or care]” theeeeeeeeen that would have been reason to trip!!

  2. That is hella wrong. She did that shit on purpose. If I thought it was fraud I would have wrote you back or something, not go running to my super. That’s some bullshit. Yeah watch what you write, but not what you say. She ain’t got proof. I would have put a little sumtin, sumtin in her ear too……

  3. Wow…everyone in my company would getting written up…

    She was probably more so upset that you did not say you would take the case from her load…

    Seems like she’s spineless and lazy.

  4. WOW! I would have been hot. I cant stand that mess either. I would have wanted to go to her cube and slap her in the face. I guess that would get a write up too huh. LOL

  5. WOW! I would have been hot. I cant stand that mess either. I would have wanted to go to her cube and slap her in the face. I guess that would get a write up too huh. LOL

  6. dang. sounded friendly to me. you have to be careful how you talk to “some” people. you could just be causal and they take it wrong.

  7. Are you going to protest the write up? If “hell if I know” is inappropriate language I’d demand to know everything else that could be construed as inappropriate language and report that chick and everyone under that supervisor whenever they said or wrote anything “inappropriate”.

    I’d also be finding some way to get her back and make sure she knows I did it. What? Yeah, I my need for vengeance sometimes goes a little to far but if I wasn’t wronged in the first place then my vindictive nature wouldn’t have had to surface.

  8. That was just a damn shame what she did. Now you know she’s one to watch….hell keep your side-eye on all of ’em going forward so they don’t have a reason to write you up again.

  9. This happened to me at a previous employer. An employee was upset that I wasn’t reimbursing her tuition b/c she turned her ppwk in late. She left me a vm saying sumthin about I needed to take her case to my supv or director b/c I didn’t know who she was. I sent her a nice/nasty email (sans curse words) explaining that the policy applies to all employees regardless of pay grade or tenure. She fwd it to my supv (AKA, her BFF) and I got a verbal counseling. Needless to say both of them got side-eyes up until the day I left. Office politics can be a bytch. Sometimes I still find myself hoping I run into them at the mall or grocery store……Oooo wee, what I wouldn’t give to tell dem bytches just what I thought of ’em!

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