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soft & mushy

I’ve been soft & mushy all weekend. Soft & mushy is not something I like being. I try to keep the mush to a minimum at all times. However, this weekend my hormones took over and I had zero control. I’ve. Cried and laughed and laughed while crying. Lol just a mess! Lol Pms doesn’t always make me bitch, sometimes it just makes me bitch up :p

Anywhoo, how was your weekend?

I finished my coat (the lining is janky, but it’s done) and a jacket i’d started months ago. I also made a faux wrap knit top.p knit top. I have pictures. They are trapped in the camera waiting on me to free them. I>ma get to it 🙂

Other than sewing, I watched grey’s anatomy all weekend. 🙂 I’ve currently on season 5! Whoohoo I’m catching up. I like dr. Yang and dr. Torres. Mederidth and Izzie are too whiney. Dr. Sloan is my favorit out of the mean closely followed by Alex. I guess I like the whores in them.

I like Ian.

I had a conference call with Stacey and Adrienne. Lol they made me blush and giggle like I was 12y/o lol. I love them. Adrienne had me tearing up with her post. Whaaat? Told y’all I was soft & mushy.

This is going to be a short week for work and school. Thank God! *whispering prayers that I won’t have to cuss nobody*

Ya know if I had $1 for every pageload I gor in a week, I could quit my job. $1 a day could seriously change my life. Lol. Whaaat? It was just a though. :p

One of my favorite pieces of poetry is by Langston Hughes… the one where he says “life and been no cyrtal stair”. I had to recite it for black history month in high school. Loved it ever since.

Anywhoo my next post should have pics. Might even be pic heavy. 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Girl just Embrace it! LOL

    Trapped in the camera made me think about trapped in the closet lol. Is that the right name!? LOL I think it is lol

    YAY for season 5! I LOVE Sloan. He is a man whore lol.

    Ok….going back to sleep now. It took FOREVER for me to go to sleep last night!

  2. My weekend was good. Finally started Christmas shopping. Spent some time with the family and watched the JETS AND GIANTS show why NY is dominating football right now.

  3. Nothing much to report on my weekend….mainly spent time buying supplies and food for the holiday.

    I don’t care for Meredith and Izzy…booooo beesh booooo. Can you say trainwreck?

  4. I get soft and mushy…once every 10 7 or 8 years.

    The weekend was a complete black hole on the interesting and entertaining front.

    I want a dollar for every page load and $2 for every lurker. Cha-ching! LOL.

  5. release those pics from the camera! lol

    soft & mushy…yea i don't like those moments!

    i have a short week as well, i can't wait until 430 on wednesday hits! lol

  6. Girl there isn’t nothing wrong with soft and mushy. Lol. Can’t wait to see the coat pics. I’m sure it’ll make me want to go shopping. Lol

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  7. I’ve been soft and mushy…I hate being a punk…lol..then I freaking out because I like a new guy but pass relationship have me doubting us and then he calls and I melt again when I’m trying to be tough…damn…

  8. It must be something about southern women…

    I hate being soft and mushy as well.

    We know you like Ian. You’ve managed to find something about Ian you like in most of our entries.

    Just know that as long as you keep the soft and mushy to a minimum then you good for a relapse…erry now and then!

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