since i still need my job

Apparently my blog address has gotten around the office. Most people I could care less if they read or not. However since I often times talk about my silly ass clients and sometimes coworkers, and the bullshit ass office politics. I’m going to make this blog private. For now.

Now I like blogger but I’ve been toying around with making the switch to wordpress. Sooooo what I need y’all to to do, especially all my new readers (That means YOU FSD employee) send me your email address. And I’ll give you access to this blog/new post until I decide if I want to make the switch.


And it’s so funny bc I’ve had 799 page loads today @ last check.


  1. Love your new blog…will you make this blog private? Honestly, I’d be truly irked – not that someone found it since it wasn’t private, but that fact that it was circulating around the office. Got the new blog faved.

  2. That sucks but can’t say I blame you. The Internet is full of lurkers, nosy types, and lookie loos. Local lurkers are usually some of the first ones I ban.

    So are you saying I shouldn’t bother bookmarking or memorizing this URL because it may vanish one day?

    While I’m at it thank you for being one of the few people using WordPress that doesn’t use that hideous geometric pattern for their users gravatars. 🙂

  3. If anybody has found me, they haven’t said a word. I doubt my coworkers have b/c my stats never show the IP address for my job. I do wonder if old friends or old classmates read my blog.

  4. I’ve updated my faves…….Whew, I was in my office asking “Da hell happen to Patrice?” I had to catch myself cuz I was kinda loud! Since I also need my job, I had to put that thought on pause for a minute. LOL 🙂

  5. Damn they got you too. I think I saw you put that comment on someone elses blog. So that makes the 3rd person i’ve seen that got their blog passed around.

    Well I’ll be sure to stop by often.

  6. Mkay, I’m updating my blog ASAP with your new web addy.

    I’m paranoid now. I need to go and check to see who’s been zoomin my spot!

  7. New year! New change!

    Honestly, I am surprised you didn’t do this sooner as much as you talked about work.

    Glad you didn’t go private b/c I can never log in right on those blogs!

    Welcome to your new digs! Hope you enjoy the new move!

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