A few pics…

To keep from being a liar liar pants on fire… here are 2 pics of the sweater I took with my cell.


Front and button holes. ignore the safety pin, I hadn’t put the buttons on yet.


Back and sleeves.

Whenever I wear it I will have Ian take pictures of me in it. But for now this is all yall can get, b/c it’s all I have. lol


AND if you follow me on twitter you saw this pic yesterday. For those of you who don’t. This sign was taped on the door of a supervisors office.


  1. That looks fabulous. It looks like it would take forever to make. Well maybe because it “would” take me forever to make. LOL

    Wow, that’s awful…unpittyfulize? For real? That is pitiful. LMAO Does this person even know that isn’t a word? LOL This was a supervisor, you say? Wow, again. LOL

  2. I couldn’t even pronounce that word. It’s right up there with ridamndiculous! Come on people!

    Lovely sweater! I like it! I want to make another sweater. I’m on an accessory kick now.

  3. I’m SMDH @ the sign on supv’s door…LOL! Did someone put that there or did the supv put it there? These are the things I need to know before I can fully give my take on it ;-).

    Love the sweater!

  4. The sweater looks cute. I like the color and the little thingy on the back. I don’t know what that’s called.

    Wow, on a supervisors door. That’s GREAT!!!! Love to know what the reaction was to that.

  5. I love the sweater, will love it more once I see you in it.

    Um, is that a word and if so I don’t think it would be spelled like that? What the hell? See I would have written something on that little note. ugh so passive agressive.

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