I’m addicted…

To the WE channel.

I promise I could watch the WE channel all day long on Sundays when it becomes Wedding Central.

Bridezilla HILARIOUS

My Fair Wedding… I always love the changes he makes

Wedding Planners… omg! They need halos!!

Rich Bride Poor Bride… their budgets be OFF THE CHAIN!! 40, 50, 60 THOUSAND dollars. I couldn’t imagine.

Platinum Weddings… *swoons*

Ian and I didn’t have a wedding. We got married. There were 8 people total in attendance when we got married and that includes the minister and his assistant. I wore a cream a-line skirt that stopped above my knee and a cream v neck sweater. Ian had on slacks and a shirt. That was it and that was all.

At the time I couldn’t rationalize spending so much money for one day. So we didn’t. But watching Wedding Central makes me want to plan a wedding. My own! And then I snap out of it because I STILL can’t rationalize (IRL) spending all that money on ONE day. Lol


  1. Lol! I know… WE is my guilty pleasure on Sundays as well. Those Platinum Weddings are ri-don-di-cu-lous!!

    You know how you can plan a wedding and still not spend that much money? By getting paid to do it!!! Why don’t you try your hand at it as a side gig. I love event planning, the chaos of it all. Love it! And it’s a great side gig too.

    I like the way you two got married. You could celebrate you 10-year anniversary in style (because I know it’s been more than 5 years right?)

    Take care, hun!

  2. If I ever get married I absolutely refuse to entertain her princess fantasy. Some of those weddings you listed are a nice down payment on a house and a car. I don’t have that many people I care to show out for and even they would call me stupid for spending that type of money. I just need and want, a nice location, a Justice of the Peace, and a couple of witnesses. If she wants more then she needs to start saving her pennies.

  3. I can’t rationalize spending all that money on people I’m not close to. People who never particularly liked me anyway. People who never accepted invites to my house on any other day.

    I think I may do mini platinum. Get the dress, and decorations I want and only invite the absolute minimum people. No more.

  4. i didn’t have a weeding either. we went to the court house. i wore a dress that i dyed cream with tea and hubby wore a suit. my mom and sister not Twin were witnesses. and my 2 and our 1 at the time were there! a lot of people were upset with us. but like i’ve said i didn’t want to get married so i was not about to make a spectral. i have planned out 10 year anniversary where we renewed our vows… yeah but thats not gonna happen now…

  5. I love Bridezillas. Those heffas are crazy! Can’t wait for the new season.

    I want a wedding but not a big one. I have some creative people in my family. They can make the invitations, flowers and the food. lol

  6. I did have a wedding and we had about 125 people attend. I hate watching wedding shows. I’m just not into them My Sundays are spent watching, what else – Lifetime. LOL.

  7. I like the idea of weddings but not the expense. I think they can be done really nice without trying to impress everyone. Some weddings are just too staged for my taste too.

    You should plan whatever you want and go for it! It’s your day and you are the one who wants to keep the memories.

  8. I LOVE the WE channel! Sunday’s are the best. Last season there was a fool on Bridezillas from my area…..skrait up clown! I find myself wondering why some of the grooms go thru with the ceremony after witnessing the behavior that leads up to it *SMDH*! Now if you really want a good laugh you should check out “My Big Redneck Wedding” on Country Music Television…..H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! I forget what day it comes on, but I think I watched it on Monday.

    Hubby & I had a wedding. I only plan on doing this once and didn’t want to have any regrets. I also didn’t want to mortgage my future to make my dream come true. So I did EVERYTHING, but the day-of coordinating myself. I met with fairly new vendors and bargained to get discounted rates for exposure to a large group of potential clients. You should definitely think of planning a 10-year celebration/vow renewal if you haven’t already eclipsed that milestone.

  9. Comcast no longer broadcasts the WE channel here anymore. I was mad as hell at that.

    Weddings are expensive as hell. My dad is getting married in May and from what I see now, it costs a lot of money. Me and my son are in the wedding and his fiance has told me she would help with my dress and my baby tux. (Her saying that was a total relief).

  10. Bridezillas is my ish!!

    I feel like a broken record because I’ve typed this comment (or something like it more times than I can count on various blogs, lol) but IF I get hitched the courthouse will be the spot that’s hot for me. I don’t need all the frills. It’s about the marriage anyway right? However, I would consider a cheezy Vegas drive through wedding. WHAT?! I’m anything but traditional. lol

  11. I feel the same way about spending that much money for one day. YES I understand the importance of that day, and you ONLY get married once, but there are so many OTHER ways to spend. Plus it’s just TOO much work and stress. It is fun watching on tv though.

  12. We got married by the justice of the peace, had a huge party but we are divorced now. I dont know if we over rationalized the money or we just….did it and it was done.

  13. OMG I love the wedding shows especially Bridezilla. I can’t understand why people go crazy over them, because the way the are acting I would have kicked them to the curb. JUST DONT UNDERSTAND.

    How about the chick from Texas who tried to act all snobbish with the blow horn and she was getting her nails done and asked her husband to bring her some chicken and she was trying to teach him how to drink wine and she was like – this aint no ordinary nail salon this is upscale and preceded to ask the lady to hand her one of the finger nails to GET THE CHICKEN OUT OF HER TEETH!! And how about her going to the Check Cashing place to get a pay day loan and get up set with the cashier because her papers wasn’t right. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. Those biatches are crazy and so are the people who entertain them.

  14. You can always do it up big and renew your vows or on a big anniversary. I want to have a wedding i.e. production, but not sure about the whole being married thing.

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