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mojo’s back (pic heavy)

My mojo returned sunday around noon and hung tight with me until I sewed my final stitch around 9:30 pm monday night.


M5662 combination of view f & e. The fabric came from walmart’s $1 table this summer.


V8477 view c.. this is a really easy pattern. I think this was some walmart $1 table fabric as well.


M 5323 I’ve made this shirt before. View a. This time I substituted the sleeves from my favorite button down as the ones that are drafted with this pattern are poofy. My arms don’t need any move volume. Fabric came from joanns is a cotton sateen.


M5819 view b. I love love love this pattern and plan to make the other 2 tops soon. The fabric is tshirt knit from hancocks. Very warm. You HAVE to wear a tank with this as it’s SUPER low cut. VERY EASY


V8379 view a. I like this pattern. I think adrienne has made it 3 times already and I see why. Very easy. This is my fabric I got from north carolina when I went to visit Stacey.




  1. Ummm…You know my birthday is coming up right???

    Glad you got your blog mojo back…

    As always, nice stuff!! πŸ˜€

  2. That dress form or whatever you call it has a nice shape.

    Keep this up and you’ll be on my list to work in one of my future sweat shops. LOL. Nice designs, I particularly like the dress and the first top.

  3. Drools over wrap shirt and low-cut orange shirt. Do you by any chance give sewing lessons? Maybe we can barter those for belly dance lessons. Though I think you’re far more skilled at sewing than I will ever be at belly dancing, but I’m broke so work with me πŸ™‚

  4. Damn! You weren’t playing, huh? That is something stronger than a mojo, you got your sweatshop on! They are all so cute. I love the dress and the orange top!

  5. Ooh! I can see it already! Patrice Designs!

    Those are truly gorgeous and I know you’re doing out as a hobby, but I do think you’re truly talented.

    That wrap dress looks very DVF-ish.

    Great job!

  6. That’s it! You’re gonna send me some mojo or I’m coming down there to St. Louis! Geez! You’ve been on a roll!

    Nice tops and dress! I’ve gotta make something soon!

  7. You weren’t kidding, you been workin hard!! Everything looks great!! I’ll take the orange top in a size L please….and thank you. πŸ˜€

  8. Yeah can we get the pattern numbers! (LOL) not sure what I would do with them, but that sounded good!
    All your pieces look really nice. Congrats on finding your mojo and banging out some really nice pieces.

  9. You already know how jealous I am of your sewing skills…i really should learn as much as I like to shop (then I could save some money). My faves are the orange top (love it) and the wrap dress. Everything looks lovely though. You taking orders? LOL

  10. Oh my gosh!!! You did these that fast. Wow!!!. I love ALL of the peices. I really like the black top, the orange one and the dress. Too cute. I’m telling you, I’m gonna have to send you my measurements. I think you need practice making things in a size other than your own. Lol. Still waiting on you to open Patrice’s Boutique. Has a nice ring huh. Feel free to use that if you choose. Lol

  11. Alrighty Ms. Patrice… whatcha drinking over there = Red Bull b/c your sewing mojo is running strong. All the garments are pretty and the dress is awesome.

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