Snow Day!!!!

I get so excited about snow days!

Woke up this morning checked my email…. Classes are cancelled. YES!!!

Ran to the front peeked out the window…
Dammit he scraped my car.. NOOOoooooooo

Oh no wait!!
The streets are higher than my driveway..
The neighbors are still home…
Yea YES!!!!

Break out into cabbage patch and roger rabbit in the living room


Run back to my room call my sup, no answer Praise JESUS

Leave the following message…
” They haven’t cleared our streets yet. Give me a SNOW DAY”

Peep out bedroom window look at poor dog that’s straight HUGGING the doors waiting for its owners to let it back in


Do a little dance in bed.

Hubby says he’s on his way back home!

*sings* do you minnnnnd… if I give you.. some of myyyyy. 12 play

Have a good one y’all!


  1. See. I am so jealous!! I was mad that it snowed yesterday and not today, which mean some lucky people had no class last night. Me, I have to walk like I am on a tight rope this morning to get to work and then class later bummer…..

    Laughing at the dog. PETA bet not find out.

  2. snow days suck hot monkey ass. go to school and please take your ass to work!!!! ARGH!!!! i can’t do a damn thing with a house full of folk. take ya’ll asses outside!!!

  3. **Break out into cabbage patch and roger rabbit in the living room**

    Girl, you took it way back with those dances.

    Don’t be too bad on your snow day!!! LOL!!

  4. Hmph! I thought I had a snow day… Called all of today’s appointments to reschedule. Got to the last one and she was all, “Oh, no! We’re definitely coming. In fact, we can be there in 15 minutes.” Good thing her kids were very adorable.

    Hope you and DH had a great time 😉

  5. I got a snow day at the last minute yesterday (even though we ain’t have no snow). lol I was holding my breath for a 2nd one today… dice. Boooooooooooooo!!!

  6. Stop bragging! We never get snow days! Actually once I took one because they didn’t plow the parking lot at my condo. That was sweet.

    Have fun on your day off!

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